development and implementation of an optimized control strategy for induction machine in an electric vehicle

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in the area of automotive engineering there is a tendency to more electrification of power train. in this work control of an induction machine for the application of electric vehicle is investigated. through the changing operating point of the machine, adapting the rotor magnetization current seems to be useful to increase the machines efficiency. in the literature there are many approaches which can be divided into online and offline methods. online methods have the advantage to consider varying system parameters for example through heating or magnetic saturation. mppt (maximum power point tracking) is a method known from the control of photovoltaic systems that can also be applied to adapt the rotor magnetization till the minimum input power of the overall system is reached. as a consequence of changing rotor magnetization, there is also a varying torque which should be avoided by means of developing a proper torque compensation scheme. the following points are investigated in this work: ? implementation of a proper mppt algorithm in an existing electrical vehicle simulation model ? implementation of an appropriate pilot control for torque compensation ? simulation of automotive driving cycles (for example new european driving cycle or nedc) ? execution of developed control scheme on test stand hardware ? evaluation of the results and comparison with conventional control strategy

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