the relationship between critical thinking and reading strategies

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during the process of reading, sometimes learners use ineffective and inefficient strategies and some factors may influence their use of strategies. perhaps critical thinking is one of these factors. this study aims to identify those categories of reading strategies that are mostly used by iranian efl learners and to see if there is any significant relationship between the critical thinking ability of these learners and their use of reading strategies. it also aims to investigate if there is any significant difference between critical thinking of male and female learners. seventy-five iranian efl senior students (35 males and 40 females) majoring in english literature and translation participated in this study. based on the purpose of the study, two questionnaires were administered to the participants: honey’s (2004) critical thinking questionnaire (adapted from naieni, 2005) and a reading strategy questionnaire (adapted from shang, 2010). descriptive statistics indicated that the most frequent use of reading strategies was metacognitive strategy and the results of the statistical analyses revealed a low significant correlation between the learners’ critical thinking ability and their overall use of reading strategies. the participants’ critical thinking ability also correlated weakly but positively and significantly with their use of each one of cognitive, metacognitive, and compensation strategies. moreover, a t-test showed that there was a significant difference between male and female learners in their critical thinking; males’ critical thinking ability was higher than that of females. the present study can help teachers become aware of the importance of increasing students’ critical thinking ability and teaching them how to use this ability.

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Contributory Role of Critical Thinking in Enhancing Reading Comprehension Ability of Iranian ESP Students

The present study aimed to investigate the possible relationship between ESP learners’ critical thinking abilities and their reading comprehension. For this purpose, from the population of students studying in different fields of engineering at Amol Islamic Azad University, a sample of 202 ESP participants were selected based on a purposive sampling method. A critical thinking questionnai...

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investigating the relationship among gender, critical thinking and meta-cognitive awareness listening strategies

this study aimedat investigating the difference between male and female iranian upper-intermediate efl learners in terms of critical thinking, meta-cognitive awareness listening strategies, and selection of meta- cognitive listening strategies. to this end, one hundred and fifty language learners (including males and females with average age of 26.5) were selected through homogenised process to...

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Investigating the Impact of Collaborative and Static Assessment on the Iranian EFL Students’ Reading comprehension, Critical Thinking, and Metacognitive Strategies of Reading

This study was aimed at investigating the effect of collaborative assessment, as compared to that of static assessment, on the EFL learners’ reading comprehension, metacognitive strategies, and critical thinking. In this mixed-methods research design study, 62 intermediate EFL learners out of a population of 79 English language learners, were randomly selected and divided into two groups of exp...

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The Effects of Concept Mapping and Critical Thinking Test Strategies on EFL Iranian Learners' Reading Comprehension

This research was designed to investigate the effects of critical thinking and concept mappingtest strategies on EFL Iranian learners' reading comprehension in five sessions during near twomonths. Fifty eight male and female students took a pre-test as a language proficiency test first,then they were randomly assigned to two experimental groups and a control group, twentystudents for critical t...

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the relationship between learners critical thinking ability and their performance in the reading sections of the tofel and ielts test

the study reflected in this thesis aims at finding out relationships between critical thinking (ct), and the reading sections of tofel and ielts tests. the study tries to find any relationships between the ct ability of students and their performance on reading tests of tofel and academic ielts. however, no research has ever been conducted to investigate the relationship between ct and the read...

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