the effects of changing roughness on the flow structure in the bends

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flow in natural river bends is a complex and turbulent phenomenon which affects the scour and sedimentations and causes an irregular bed topography on the bed. for the reason, the flow hydralics and the parameters which affect the flow to be studied and understand. in this study the effect of bed and wall roughness using the software fluent discussed in a sharp 90-degree flume bend with 40.3cm wide and ratio of radius to width equal to 1.5. in this study four different roughness of 0.5, 2, 5 and 10 mm were studied under flow discharges of 13.55 lit/sec, the flow depth in all studies were kept constant equal to 9 cm. laboratory study had been done previously on an experimental model made up of compacted plastic materials in ferdowsi university of mashhad. after comparing the velocity and water depth result with experimental tests and gaining confidence about fluent function, the effect of roughness on longitudinal velocity, depth water and secondary flow was investigated using software fluent. the results showed that by increasing the roughness height from 5 mm to 10 mm in all the sections water depth is less than 3% compared to the smooth channel mode will increase. the maximum longitudinal velocity approaches the internal bank from one time as much as width before the bend, and it approaches the external bank about 45 degree. roughness has had a considerable effect on the reduction longitudinal velocity. this decrease of velocity is greater with increasing roughness so that from between the roughness of 0.5, 2, 5 and 10 mm, roughness height 10 mm has the greatest effect on reducing the rate of velocity. in sections of 45 and 90 degree of bend, near the edge of the outer bend and near surface of water observed a circle clockwise secondary flow that by increasing the roughness height this secondary circle has been eliminated approximately.

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on the effects of pictorial clues on the efl learners listening comprehension development

the following null hypothesis was proposed: there is no significant difference between the efl students listening comprehension development receiving pictorial cues and those receiving no cuse. to test the null hypothesis, 52 male and femal freshmen students of medicine studing at iran university of medical scinces were randomly selected from a total population of 72 students. to ensure that th...

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the effect of taftan pozzolan on the compressive strength of concrete in the environmental conditions of oman sea (chabahar port)

cement is an essential ingredient in the concrete buildings. for production of cement considerable amount of fossil fuel and electrical energy is consumed. on the other hand for generating one tone of portland cement, nearly one ton of carbon dioxide is released. it shows that 7 percent of the total released carbon dioxide in the world relates to the cement industry. considering ecological issu...

the structure of lie derivations on c*-algebras

نشان می دهیم که هر اشتقاق لی روی یک c^*-جبر به شکل استاندارد است، یعنی می تواند به طور یکتا به مجموع یک اشتقاق لی و یک اثر مرکز مقدار تجزیه شود. کلمات کلیدی: اشتقاق، اشتقاق لی، c^*-جبر.

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focus on communication in iranian high school language classes: a study of the role of teaching materials in changing the focus onto communication in language classes

چکیده ارتباط در کلاس به عوامل زیادی از جمله معلمان، دانش آموزان، برنامه های درسی و از همه مهم تر، مواد آموزشی وابسته است. در تدریس ارتباطی زبان که تاکید زیادی بر توانش ارتباطی دارد، کتاب درسی به عنوان عامل موثر بر پویایی کلاس محسوب میگردد که درس ها را از طریق فراهم آوردن متن ارتباط کلاسی و هم چنین نوع تمرین زبانی که دانش آموزان در طول فعالیت های کلاسی به آن مشغول اند، کنترل می کند. این حقیقت ک...

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the washback effect of discretepoint vs. integrative tests on the retention of content in knowledge tests

در این پایان نامه تاثیر دو نوع تست جزیی نگر و کلی نگر بر به یادسپاری محتوا ارزیابی شده که نتایج نشان دهندهکارایی تستهای کلی نگر بیشتر از سایر آزمونها است

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the effects of error correction methods on pronunciation accuracy

هدف از انجام این تحقیق مشخص کردن موثرترین متد اصلاح خطا بر روی دقت آهنگ و تاکید تلفظ کلمه در زبان انگلیسی بود. این تحقیق با پیاده کردن چهار متد ارائه اصلاح خطا در چهار گروه، سه گروه آزمایشی و یک گروه تحت کنترل، انجام شد که گروه های فوق الذکر شامل دانشجویان سطح بالای متوسط کتاب اول passages بودند. گروه اول شامل 15، دوم 14، سوم 15 و آخرین 16 دانشجو بودند. دوره مربوطه به مدت 10 هفته ادامه یافت و د...

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