‘All or None’: a Question of Nomenclature



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GPRC6A: Jack of all metabolism (or master of none)

BACKGROUND GPRC6A, a widely expressed G-protein coupled receptor, is proposed to be a master regulator of complex endocrine networks and metabolic processes. GPRC6A is activated by multiple ligands, including osteocalcin (Ocn), testosterone (T), basic amino acids, and various cations. SCOPE OF REVIEW We review the controversy surrounding GPRC6A functions. In mice, GPRC6A is proposed to integr...

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On the all-or-none rule of conscious perception

What are the true functional underpinnings of perception, emotion, consciousness, and subconscious processes remains an unsolved question (Alivisatos et al., 2012). For example, it seems somewhat mysterious how one and the same structure of neural circuits—the human brain—sometimes allows conscious experience and sometimes does not allow it. We even do not know whether this owes to the alternat...

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The Heritability of All-or-None Traits: Viability of Poultry.

N E of the fundamental steps in any analysis of the inheritance of quan0 titative characters is the partitioning of the total phenotypic variance of the trait under study into it; genetic and environmental portions. The various techniques for this purpose for characters showing continuous or graded types of variation are well known (see WHATLEY 1942). They are based on methods of variance and c...

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All-or-None Subprocesses in the Learning of Complex Sequence+

This paper reports a study designed to investigate whether the all-or-none conception of the learning process can be extended to a learning task more complex than conditioning or simple verbal association. The experimental task is to learn numerical sequences by anticipating each new member of the sequences. Although the obtained sequence learning appears very complex, it proves to be analyzabl...

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Enzyme Induction as an All-or-none Phenomenon.

The phenomenon of enzyme induction (enzymatic adaptation) has been observed in a variety of micro-organisms. One of the most carefully studied examples, largely the work of Jacques Monod and his colleagues at the Institut Pasteur, is the induction of the synthesis of the enzyme j3-galactosidase in the bacterium Escherichia coli.", 2 This enzyme, not otherwise present in appreciable amounts, is ...

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عنوان ژورنال: Nature

سال: 1931

ISSN: 0028-0836,1476-4687

DOI: 10.1038/128070c0