Allopolyploid Origin of Chenopodium album s. str. (Chenopodiaceae): A Molecular and Cytogenetic Insight


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Allopolyploid Origin of Chenopodium album s. str. (Chenopodiaceae): A Molecular and Cytogenetic Insight

Reticulate evolution is characterized by occasional hybridization between two species, creating a network of closely related taxa below and at the species level. In the present research, we aimed to verify the hypothesis of the allopolyploid origin of hexaploid C. album s. str., identify its putative parents and estimate the frequency of allopolyploidization events. We sampled 122 individuals o...

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Phenotypic plasticity to light competition and herbivory in Chenopodium album (Chenopodiaceae).

Competition and herbivory are ubiquitous environmental challenges that affect most plants. We examined the influence of phenotypic responses to either competition or herbivory on the subsequent response of the plants to the other factor. The stem-elongation response of Chenopodium album to light competition attenuated its resistance to caterpillar herbivory in terms of herbivore mortality, but ...

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Chenoalbuside: an antioxidant phenolic glycoside from the seeds of Chenopodium album L. (Chenopodiaceae)

In addition to three known phytoecdysteroids, a new phenolic glycoside (named, chenoalbuside) was isolated from the methanol extract of the seeds of Chenopodium album. While the structures of all phytoecdysteroids were elucidated by direct comparison of their spectroscopic data with published data, the structure of chenoalbuside was determined unequivocally by a combination of UV, MS and 1D and...

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Continental Diversity of Chenopodium album Seedling Recruitment

Chenopodium album seedling emergence studies were conducted at nine European and two North American locations comparing local populations with a common population from Denmark (DEN-COM). Mortality risk. Weedy plant life history conforms to the time of mortality risk from either the environment (e.g. frozen soil in the winter) or cropping systems practices (e.g. herbicide use). C. album life his...

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Physico-chemical and textural property of starch isolated from Chenopodium (Chenopodium album) grains

The aim of current study was to isolate and evaluate the starch from Chenopodium album (LP) and Chenopodium album (LS) varieties for its physicochemical, particle size analysis, and textural properties. The starch isolated from C. album (LP) and C. album (LS) showed yield values of 37.59 and 47.30%, while amylose content of the mentioned varieties was found to be 16.75 and 19.11%, respectively....

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عنوان ژورنال: PLOS ONE

سال: 2016

ISSN: 1932-6203

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0161063