Analysis of multiplex PCR fragments with PMMA microchip


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Multiplex PCR with multichannel microchip electrophoresis: an ultrafast analysis for genetic diseases.

A Y chromosomal polymorphic markers screening strategy using a multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and DNA microchip electrophoresis technology has recently been developed. It is a part of the human Y chromosome haplotyping system for studying Japanese population genetics and its relationship with male spermatogenic failure. This strategy is based on optimizing and modifying the primer se...

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DNA analysis with multiplex microarray-enhanced PCR

We have developed a highly sensitive method for DNA analysis on 3D gel element microarrays, a technique we call multiplex microarray-enhanced PCR (MME-PCR). Two amplification strategies are carried out simultaneously in the reaction chamber: on or within gel elements, and in bulk solution over the gel element array. MME-PCR is initiated by multiple complex primers containing gene-specific, forw...

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A PDMS based Integrated PCR Microchip for Genetic Analysis

An integrated continuous-flow microfluidic chip was fabricated on glass substrate with PDMS based microchannels, cell lysis and PCR modules. Gold-microelectrodes were used to produce electrochemical cell lysis, while, indium-tin-oxide (ITO) microheater was used for thermal cycling of PCR reaction. The fabricated device was used for 20 cycles of PCR amplification of pancreatic cancer DNA marker ...

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Detection of APC gene deletions using quantitative multiplex PCR of short fluorescent fragments.

BACKGROUND approximately 20% of classic familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) cases and 70% to 80% of attenuated FAP (AFAP) cases are negative for the APC/MUTYH point mutation. Quantitative multiplex PCR of short fluorescent fragments (QMPSF), a technique for detecting copy number alterations, has been successfully applied to several cancer syndrome genes. We used QMPSF for the APC gene to scree...

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Ultrafast diagnosis of the genetic-related disorders using the combined technologies of multiplex PCR and multichannel microchip electrophoresis.

For the diagnosis of unexplained male infertility a multiplex PCR for 6 markers, which are well-known as candidate genes for studying male infertility and located on the human Y-chromosome, has been designed. The multiplex PCR products have been separated on a 12 channel microchip electrophoresis system, which can analyze different samples simultaneously. By combining the technologies of multip...

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عنوان ژورنال: Talanta

سال: 2006

ISSN: 0039-9140

DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2005.04.064