Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Egg-Production Traits in Commercial Laying Breeder Hens



In recent years, egg production has had an intense growth in Brazil, and Brazilian consumption per capita significantly increased the last decade. To reduce sanitary financial risks, decisions regarding health status of flock must be made based on objective criteria. Our aim was to determine main “input” variables for prediction performance commercial laying breeder flocks using ANN model. The software NeuroShellClassifier NeuroShell Predictor were used build ANN. A total 26 egg-production traits selected as input eight output variables. database 44,120 Excel cells generated. For training validation models, 74.9% 25.1% data used, respectively. accuracy models calculated compared analysis coefficient multiple determination (R2), mean squared error (MSE), assessment uniform scatter residual plots. outputs “weekly production,” incubated egg,”, “accumulated egg,” “viability” showed R2 greater than 0.8. Other yielded values lower predicts adequately breeders hens. method is option management industry, providing estimates relative contribution each variable outputs.

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Initiating egg production in turkey breeder hens: thyroid hormone involvement.

The role of thyroid hormones in the expression of photosensitivity-photorefractoriness in female turkeys was investigated through the use of an antithyroidal agent, 6-n-propyl-2-thiouracil (PTU). In experiment 1, females held continuously from hatch on long day lengths (16L:8D; LD) and fed 0.1% PTU from 0 to 16 wk, began laying eggs at 26 wk of age, peaking at 75% hen-day egg production by 29 w...

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Laying pattern parameters in broiler breeder hens and intrasequence changes in egg composition

The aim of the study was to analyze the pattern of oviposition time in laying sequences in broiler breeder hens and to determine a relationship between egg position in the sequence and egg quality. The sequences were described using mean oviposition time (hour) within a sequence, mean lag of oviposition time between successive ovipositions, and mean and cumulative lag of oviposition for a seque...

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Genetic Parameters for Body Weight and Laying Traits in Mazandaran Native Breeder Hens

Heritability, environmentaland genetic correlations between body weight at hatch (BW0), eight (BW8) and twelve (BW12) weeksof age, body weight at sexual maturity (BWM), age at sexual maturity (AFE),the weight of the first egg laid by the hen (EWM), the mean egg weight from 28 to 32 wks (EW28-32) and egg numbers (ENs) were estimated by the restricted maximum likelihood method under an animal mod...

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Effects of Long-term Induced Hyperthyroidism on Egg Quality Traits in Cobb 500 Broiler Breeder Hens

Published data on 4-week-long administration of exogenous thyroxine in broiler breeder hens to decline the cold-induced ascites in their progeny suggest that the long-term maternal hyperthyroidism would affect egg quality characteristics traits in Cobb 500 broiler breeder hens. Seventy 47-w-old broiler breeder Cobb 500 hens (5 replicates and 7 hens each) were assigned in separate cages and allo...

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Nano-calcium carbonate: Effect on performance traits and egg quality in laying hens

A ten-week trial was carried out to determine the effect of different levels of nano-calcium carbonate (NCC) on egg production performance and egg quality. A completely randomized experiment was designed comprising 6 treatments, each with 4 replicates of 5 hens. Groups 1 and 2 were fed diets containing 8.06% and 6.045% calcium carbonate (CC) as positive and negative control respectively. Groups...

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عنوان ژورنال: Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science

سال: 2022

ISSN: ['1806-9061', '1516-635X']