Correlation Analysis between Exon 4 of ESR1 Gene and Carcass Traits in Egg Quail


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Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis of Kappa-Casein Exon 4 Gene in Iranian Bacterianus and Dromedaries Camels

Kappa-casein, as a major protein component in mammalian milk, plays an essential role in formation and stabilization milk micelles and preventing them from aggregating and therefore, helping to keep calcium phosphate in solution and transfer of calcium and phosphors from animal milk to consumers. Therefore, the objective of the current study was to investigate genetic and phylogenetic analysis ...

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Genetic correlation between egg quality traits

Genetic correlation coefficients between egg quality traits were studied using fiftysix harco pullets raised under standard management practices. The estimates were carried out at 22-week, 26-week, 30-week and 32-week of age. Egg quality traits studied include egg weight (EW), shell thickness (ST), haugh unit (HU), yolk index (YI) and shape index (SI). Zero to slight negative correlation coeffi...

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genetic analysis of egg quality traits in japanese quail

the present research was conducted to analyze the genetic structure of egg quality traits in japanese quail. external and internal egg quality traits were assessed on 1706 eggs of laying japanese quail. eggs were collected for 4 days at the quaits 10 weeks of age. the investigated traits were analyzed through univariate as well as multivariate animal models employing restricted maximum likeliho...

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Egg Production Traits and Egg Quality Characteristics in Black and Brown Plumage Color Lines of Japanese Quail

The present study was conducted to determine egg production traits and egg quality characteristics in black and brown lines of Japanese quail. A total of 500 quails comprising 400 females and 100 males obtained from two breeding centers were raised according to the standard procedure for Japanese quail. They were grouped in according to their plumage colours. Age at first egg-laying has been re...

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the stady and analysis of rice agroclimatology in lenjan

the west of esfahan province, iran, is one of the most important agricultural areas throughout the country due to the climate variability and life-giving water of zayanderood river. rice is one of the major and economic crops in this area. the most important climatic elements in agricultural activities which should be considered include temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and wind. so...

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عنوان ژورنال: Pakistan Journal of Zoology

سال: 2021

ISSN: 0030-9923

DOI: 10.17582/journal.pjz/20191225021218