Discrete Electromagnetism with the Finite Integration Technique

  • M.Clemens
  • T.Weil

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Finite elements in computational electromagnetism

This article discusses finite element Galerkin schemes for a number of linear model problems in electromagnetism. The finite element schemes are introduced as discrete differential forms, matching the coordinate-independent statement of Maxwell’s equations in the calculus of differential forms. The asymptotic convergence of discrete solutions is investigated theoretically. As discrete different...

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9 Computation Electromagnetism and Discrete Exterior Calculus

Computational electromagnetism is concerned with the numerical study of Maxwell equations. By choosing a discrete Gaussian measure on prism lattice, we use discrete exterior calculus and lattice gauge theory to construct discrete Maxwell equations in vacuum case. We implement this scheme on Java development plateform to simulate the behavior of electromagnetic waves. This work is partially supp...

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Computational Electromagnetism and Implicit Discrete Exterior Calculus

The implicit Euler scheme of time variable and discrete exterior calculus can be united to find an unconditional stable approach, which is called implicit discrete exterior calculus. This technique for solving Maxwell’s equations in time domain is discussed, which provides flexibility in numerical computing on manifold. For some problems, it takes much less computational time to use the implici...

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Computational Electromagnetism with Variational Integrators and Discrete Differential Forms

In this paper, we introduce a general family of variational, multisymplectic numerical methods for solving Maxwell’s equations, using discrete differential forms in spacetime. In doing so, we demonstrate several new results, which apply both to some well-established numerical methods and to new methods introduced here. First, we show that Yee’s finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) scheme, along...

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Discrete Symmetries of Off-Shell Electromagnetism

This paper discusses the discrete symmetries of off-shell electromagnetism, the Stueckelberg-Schrodinger relativistic quantum theory and its associated 5D local gauge theory. Seeking a dynamical description of particle/antiparticle interactions, Stueckelberg developed a covariant mechanics with a monotonically increasing Poincaréinvariant parameter. In Stueckelberg’s framework, worldlines are t...

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Article info

Journal name: Progress In Electromagnetics Research

Year: 2001

ISSN: 1559-8985

DOI: 10.2528/pier00080103