Effect of <i>Cordyceps Militaris </i>Waster Medium on Production Performance, Egg Traits and Egg Yolk Cholesterol of Laying Hens


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Effect of Different Levels of L-Carnitine on the Productive Performance, Egg Quality, Blood Parameters and Egg Yolk Cholesterol in Laying Hens

This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of different levels of L-carnitine on productive performance, egg quality and blood parameters in laying hens. Forty-eight Hy-Line W-36 egg Layers were weighed at 90 weeks of age and randomly allocated into 16 cages (three hens per cage). Four dietary treatments were prepared by supplementing L-carnitine (0, 50, 100 and 150 mg/kg of diet)...

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Effect of Olive Leaf (Olea europaea) Powder on Laying Hens Performance, Egg Quality and Egg Yolk Cholesterol Levels

This experiment was conducted to measure the effects of olive leaf powder on performance, egg yield, egg quality and yolk cholesterol level of laying hens. A total of 120 Lohmann Brown laying hens of 22 weeks old were used in this experiment. The birds were fed on standard layer diets containing 0, 1%, 2%, or 3% olive leaf powder for 8 weeks. Egg weight and yield were recorded daily; feed intak...

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Effect of red mold rice supplements on serum and egg yolk cholesterol levels of laying hens.

Monacolin K is a secondary metabolite of Monascus species and reduces cholesterol levels. This research focuses on the effect of adding red mold rice to hens' diet on cholesterol level in egg yolk and on cholesterol, triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels in serum. Forty-eight Hy-line laying hens of 48 weeks of age were studied by dividing them in...

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Egg Yolk Cholesterol of Hens Fed Barley Malt Rootlets

This study aimed to decrease the cholesterol content of egg yolk of laying hens through inclusion of barley malt rootlets in the diets. Forty-two, 54-week-old, Lohman laying hens were fed for a 12 weeks laying period on 3 iso-caloric and iso-nitrogenous diets contained 0 (control), 25.5 or 51.1g barley malt rootlets/kg. Inclusion of barley malt rootlets at 25.5 or 51.1g/kg diet significantly de...

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عنوان ژورنال: The Journal of Poultry Science

سال: 2015

ISSN: 1346-7395,1349-0486

DOI: 10.2141/jpsa.0140191