Elastomers based on cyclohexylidene bisphenol polycarbonates


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mortality forecasting based on lee-carter model

over the past decades a number of approaches have been applied for forecasting mortality. in 1992, a new method for long-run forecast of the level and age pattern of mortality was published by lee and carter. this method was welcomed by many authors so it was extended through a wider class of generalized, parametric and nonlinear model. this model represents one of the most influential recent d...

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Robotic tentacles with three-dimensional mobility based on flexible elastomers.

Soft robotic tentacles that move in three dimensions upon pressurization are fabricated by composing flexible elastomers with different tensile strengths using soft lithographic molding. These actuators are able to grip complex shapes and manipulate delicate objects. Embedding functional components into these actuators (for example, a needle for delivering fluid, a video camera, and a suction c...

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Functional Soft Robotic Actuators Based on Dielectric Elastomers

Dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs) are a promising soft actuator technology for robotics. Adding robotic functionalities—folding, variable stiffness, and adhesion—into their actuator design is a novel method to create functionalized robots with simplified actuator configurations. We first propose a foldable actuator that has a simple antagonistic DEA configuration allowing bidirectional actu...

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Highly Sensitive Skin-Mountable Strain Gauges Based Entirely on Elastomers

Quantifying naturally occurring strains in soft materials, such as those of the human body, requires strain gauges with equal or greater mechanical compliance. This manuscript reports materials and mechanics approaches are reported for an all-elastomer strain measurement device with gauge factor as high as 29 and with Young’s modulus that approaches that of the human epidermis. These systems us...

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On Designing Compliant Actuators Based On Dielectric Elastomers for Robotic Applications 523 On Designing Compliant Actuators Based On Dielectric Elastomers for Robotic Applications

This chapter reports on advances done in the design of compliant, Dielectric Elastomer based Linear Actuators (DELA). Dielectric Elastomers (DE) are incompressible deformable dielectrics which can experience deviatoric (isochoric) finite deformations in response to applied large electric fields while, at the same time, alter the applied electric fields in response to the deformations undergone ...

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عنوان ژورنال: Journal of Polymer Science Part A-1: Polymer Chemistry

سال: 1967

ISSN: 0449-296X,1542-9350

DOI: 10.1002/pol.1967.150050419