Excess winter mortality


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Deprivation and excess winter mortality.

OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of material deprivation on the winter rise in mortality and temperature dependent variations in mortality. DESIGN Ecological comparison of seasonal mortality at electoral ward level. Main outcome measures were ratios of winter to rest of the year mortality rates (seasonality ratios) and monthly deaths as the outcome variable in a model with monthly average ...

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Excess winter mortality of Roma population in Serbia, 1992-2007.

OBJECTIVES Seasonal fluctuations in mortality are associated with age, outdoor temperature, influenza, health care provision, lifestyle risk factors and economic factors. In the Republic of Serbia almost one half of the Roma population lives in poverty and their housing conditions are very poor. The aim of this paper is to describe and compare excess winter mortality (EWM) in Roma and non-Roma ...

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Rurality, deprivation, and excess winter mortality: an ecological study.

The reasons for the higher levels of excess winter mortality in Britain, compared with countries with colder winters, are unclear. Ecological studies suggest that both increased outdoor and indoor cold exposure relating to poor housing energy efficiency and lack of adequate clothing and physical activity when outdoors are important. 2 It seems plausible that excess winter mortality would be gre...

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Excess winter mortality: influenza or cold stress? Observational study.

competing priorities. Overall, the results are challenging and of direct practical relevance. Advice by doctors and nurses reaches primarily light “non-dependent” smokers. Patients who suffer serious health consequences of their smoking, are keen to stop, and yet carry on smoking are typically highly dependent, and single session interventions do not seem to have sufficient power to help them. ...

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The Excess Winter Deaths Measure

BACKGROUND Excess winter deaths, the ratio between average daily deaths in December-March versus other months, is a measure commonly used by public health practitioners and analysts to assess health burdens associated with wintertime weather. We seek to demonstrate that this measure is fundamentally biased and can lead to misleading conclusions about health impacts associated with current and f...

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Journal name: BMJ

Year: 2002

ISSN: 0959-8138,1468-5833

DOI: 10.1136/bmj.324.7349.1337