Extended Model of Stock Price Behaviour

  • NicoKoning
  • Daniel T.Cassidy
  • RachidOuyed

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Stock Price Forecasting with an Hybrid Model

Prediction of market prices is an important and well-researched problem. While traditional techniques have yielded good results, rooms for improvement still exists, especially in the ability to explain sudden changes in behavior, as a response to shocks. Nonlinear systems have been successfully used to describe phase transitions in deterministic chaotic systems, so the combination of the expres...

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Investigating the Effect of Business Strategy and Stock Price Synchronicity on Stock Price Crash Risk

Stock price crash risk has a significant impact on investors, creditors, managers, and shareholders, so the prediction of this phenomenon is a very important issue in investment and risk management decisions. This research investigates the effect of business strategy and stock price synchronicity on stock price crash risk. Following Bentley et al.[2], composite strategy score has been used to ...

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Stock Price Forecasting

The especial importance of capital market in countries is undeniable in economic development via effective capital conduct and optimum resources allocation. Investment in capital market requires decision making in new stock exchanges, and   accessing information in the case of future status of capital market. Undoubtedly, nowadays most part of capital is exchanged via stock exchange all around ...

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Effect of Oil Price Volatility and Petroleum Bloomberg Index on Stock Market Returns of Tehran Stock Exchange Using EGARCH Model

The present research aims to evaluate impacts of crude oil price return index, Bloomberg Petroleum Index and Bloomberg energy index on stock market returns of 121 companies listed in Tehran stock exchange in a 10 years' period from early 2006 to April 2016. First, explanatory variables were aligned with petroleum products index mostly due to application of dollar data. Subsequently, to check va...

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A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Forecasting Stock Price

In this paper, a neural network-driven fuzzy reasoning system for stock price forecast is proposed on the basis of improved Takagi-Sugeno reasoning model. The experimental result shows that the fuzzy neural network has such properties as fast convergence, high precision and strong function approximation ability and is suitable for real stock price prediction.

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Journal name: Journal of Mathematical Finance

Year: 2018

ISSN: 2162-2434,2162-2442

DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2018.81001