Handicapped children and family stress.



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A handicapped child means a handicapped family.

The medical history of a 16-year-old severely handicapped girl and the social history of her family are traced, with particular emphasis on the extent to which the handicap affected each member of the family. The role of the general practitioner is also highlighted.

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Family planning and the handicapped.

Seksuele verhoudings is net so belangrik vir die gestremde as vir die normale mens. In gesinsbeplanning vir die gestremde is raadgewing een van die belangrikste aspekte. Vir die bepaling van die geskikte gesinsbeplanningsmetode vir die gestremde pasiënt moet die verpleegkundige kennis dra van die genetiese faktore wat met die gestremdheid verband hou, die aard van die gestremdheid, die kliënt s...

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Handicapped Children

"DEDICATED TO THOMAS WALMSLEY." This statement alone will make many generations of medical men from Belfast consider that this book must be a model of original thought lucidly expressed. The principles are indeed set out with a clarity and in a logical sequence that fully justify the dedication. Nevertheless, it is not an "easy" book in the generally accepted sense of the term, for it is never ...

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Family of the Handicapped

Jhe modern approach to child development lays mcreasing emphasis on the mother-child and family relationships for the development of the normal child. It would follow that it is of equal, if not ?reater, importance for the handicapped or severely disturbed child to be sustained by these primary relationships. Here there arises a problem, because

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عنوان ژورنال: BMJ

سال: 1972

ISSN: 0959-8138,1468-5833

DOI: 10.1136/bmj.1.5801.693-a