Heritability Estimates of Male Reproductive and Morphological Traits and Their Genetic Correlations with Female Egg Production and Other Related Traits in Chickens


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Evaluating the Reproductive and Egg Production Traits of Local Chickens and Their F1 Crosses with RhodeIsland Red and Fayoumi Breeds under Farmers’ Management Conditions

This study was conducted at Beresa watershed district of Guraghe Administrative Zone, the southern Regional State of Ethiopia to evaluate the on-farm reproductive and egg production performances of local Kei and its F1 crosses with Fayoumi and Rhode Island Red (RIR) chicken breeds under farmers’ management. The local Kei paternal line was mated with maternal lines of Fayoumi and RIR chickens to...

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Estimates of genetic correlations between testicular measurements and female reproductive traits in cattle.

Data from 528 male and 645 female progeny of 63 sires were used to estimate genetic correlations between female and male reproductive traits. Data were from two Hereford herds involved in a long-term selection program of the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Service. Testicular measurements of circumference, diameter, length and volume were obtained on bulls at 205 and 365 d. Testicular gr...

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Genetic parameter estimates for reproductive traits of male and female littermate swine.

Reproductive traits of purebred and crossbred pigs produced in a four-breed diallel mating system using the Duroc, Landrace, Spotted and Yorkshire breeds were collected for five consecutive farrowing seasons (two farrowing seasons/year) beginning in fall 1976. Paternal half-sib heritabilities and genetic correlations for testicular traits (120 boars from 36 sires), serum testosterone (TE) and l...

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Heritability of rectal temperature and genetic correlations with production and reproduction traits in dairy cattle.

Genetic selection for body temperature during heat stress might be a useful approach to reduce the magnitude of heat stress effects on production and reproduction. Objectives of the study were to estimate the genetic parameters of rectal temperature (RT) in dairy cows in freestall barns under heat stress conditions and to determine the genetic and phenotypic correlations of rectal temperature w...

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Estimation of genetic parameters for productive and reproductive traits in Esfahan native chickens

The main aim of this research was to estimate the genetic and phenotypic parameters for productive and reproductive traits of Esfahan native chickens. Traits included body weights at hatch (BW1), 8 weeks of age (BW8), 12 weeks of age (BW12), and at sexual maturity (WSM)], age at sex maturity (ASM), egg number (EN), average egg weight (AEW) in the first 12 weeks of production, and egg production...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 1990

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0690493