Informed Consent of Patients without Reading Skills in Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy: Beware of the Liability

  • NuriErdogan
  • HakanImamoglu
  • SerapDoğan

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the effect of using critical discourse analytical tools on the improvement of the learners level of critical thinking in reading comprehension

?it is of utmost priority for an experienced teacher to train the mind of the students, and enable them to think critically and correctly. the most important question here is that how to develop such a crucial ability? this study examines a new way to the development of critical thinking utilizing critical discourse analytical tools. to attain this goal, two classes of senior english la...

Reducing liability risk through informed consent.

A new report by the American Medical Association reveals why medical liability claims are so devastating and costly for America's doctors: just over 42% of all physicians and an astonishing 57% of physicians in surgical subspecialties have been sued. Nearly 61% of physicians aged 55 or older have faced the ordeal of a lawsuit. But what if the specter of litigation could be reduced through bette...

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Informed consent without autonomy.

This Essay explains why and how the Roman Catholic basis for informed consent is different from the secular basis. It argues that the Catholic basis, which is rooted in “natural law,” is the better model for society to adopt. The author explains that the secular view is rooted in the belief that patient autonomy must never be violated but the Catholic view is based on human dignity, which simpl...

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Without Informed Consent

The requirement of always obtaining participants’ informed consent in research with human subjects cannot always be met, for a variety of reasons. This paper describes and categorises research situations where informed consent is unobtainable. Some of these kinds of situations, common in biomedicine and psychology, have been previously discussed, whereas others, for example, those more prevalen...

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the effect of pushed output collaborative tasks on the writing skills of efl learners

there is less published research about how teachers in efl contexts respond to students who are relatively less mature and less competent l2 writers. while writing researchers have examined various issues concerning peer and teacher response in writing-oriented classes, little research has centered on the effect of collaborative tasks particularly dictogloss on writing skills. output collaborat...

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  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی آسان تر کنید

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Article info

Journal name: Erciyes Tıp Dergisi/Erciyes Medical Journal

Year: 2017

ISSN: 2149-2247,2149-2549

DOI: 10.5152/etd.2017.17003