Intuitionistic fuzzy $2$-metric groups


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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Groups

The aim of this paper is to introduce the structure of the called “intuitionsitic fuzzy metric group” and after giving fundamental definitions, to study some properties of intuitionistic fuzzy metric group.

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On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Neighbourhoods

The concept of an intuitionistic fuzzy neighbourhood is introduced. This notion turns out to be more sensitive to variations in the different points of the universe compared to the standard neighbourhood definition of metric space. We apply the intuitionistic fuzzy neighbourhood to the extended modal operators, defined over intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

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Intuitionistic M - Fuzzy Groups

In this paper, we introduce the concept of intuitionistic M -fuzzy groups and obtain some results.

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In this paper, we propose a new definition of intuitionistic fuzzyquasi-metric and pseudo-metric spaces based on intuitionistic fuzzy points. Weprove some properties of intuitionistic fuzzy quasi- metric and pseudo-metricspaces, and show that every intuitionistic fuzzy pseudo-metric space is intuitionisticfuzzy regular and intuitionistic fuzzy completely normal and henceintuitionistic fuzzy nor...

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Intuitionistic Fuzzy 2-Metric Space and Some Topological Properties

The notion of intuitionistic fuzzy metric space was introduced by Park (2004) and the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy normed space by Saadati and Park (2006). Recently Mursaleen and Lohani introduced the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy 2-metric space (2009) and intuitionistic fuzzy 2-norm space. This paper studies precompactness and metrizability in this new setup of intuitionistic fuzzy 2-metr...

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عنوان ژورنال: Malaya Journal of Matematik

سال: 2020

ISSN: 2319-3786,2321-5666

DOI: 10.26637/mjm0s20/0037