Map Reading


  • Robert MarshallBrown

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Ethical map reading in neonatal care.

This paper suggests that medical ethics is often based on assumptions, commonly shared in modern medicine, which can cause problems and which need to be questioned. Two contrasting yet complementary ways of thinking about ethical dilemmas in neonatal care are described as the 'separation' and the 'attachment' approaches. The contribution of medical ethics to the substance and quality of discuss...

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Map reading, navigating from maps, and the medial temporal lobe.

We administered map-reading tasks in which participants navigated an array of marks on the floor by following paths on hand-held maps that made up to nine turns. The burden on memory was minimal because the map was always available. Nevertheless, because the map was held in a fixed position in relation to the body, spatial computations were continually needed to transform map coordinates into g...

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Viewing a Map Versus Reading a Description of a Map: Modality-Specific Encoding of Spatial Information

This study investigated whether brain neural activity that accompanied the processing of previously learned map information was influenced by the modality in which the spatial parameters of the maps were originally learned. Participants learned a map by either viewing it directly or by reading an equivalent verbal description. Following learning, the participants' ability to use their spatial k...

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The Benefits of Computer Assisted Cartography for Map Reading

It may be maintained by some that a discussion of the benefits of computer assisted cartography for map reading is premature, and in fact, it may correctly be pointed out that the testing by cartographers of map reading abilities on computer produced maps has not even begun as yet in a systematic way. This state of affairs is especially true of the testing of map reading abilities on 'temporary...

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Preventing Interruptions in Mobile Map Reading Process by Personalisation

Cartographers’ main objective in map design is to create in the mind of a map reader (i.e. user) an abstraction of the real world appropriate to the map’s purpose. The final result depends, not only on the cartographers’, but also users’ skills and ways to perceive, as well as on the map usage situation. Interruptions during map reading process of mobile maps occur, when the conceptual models o...

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Journal name: Journal of Geography

Year: 1905

ISSN: 0022-1341,1752-6868

DOI: 10.1080/00221340508986044