Protein and Energy Interrelationships for Laying Hens


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Protein and Energy Requirements of Laying Hens and Broiler Breeders

Layer and Breeder rations are still evaluated, as a rule, on the basis of their protein content, expressed as "percent protein". This is the easiest and most practical criterion, but unfortunately it is a relative measure, depending on general feed consumption. The latter hardly relates to the productive traits of the hen, being dependent primarily on the energy content of the feed and on the e...

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Modeling Energy Utilization in Broiler Breeders, Laying Hens and Broilers

The factorial approach has been used to partition the energy requirements into maintenance, growth, and production. The coefficients determined for these purposes can be used to elaborate energy requirement models. These models consider the body weight, weight gain, egg production, and environmental temperature to determine the energy requirements for poultry. Predicting daily energy requiremen...

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Effect of Methionine and Energy Level in High Protein Organic Diets Fed to Laying Hens*

The objective of a 2 × 2 factorial study with laying hens was to evaluate the effect of dietary energy and DL-methionine (Met) supplementation in a high protein but sulphur amino acid deficient organic diet for laying hens on egg production, egg quality, and N retention and N excretion in manure. The model trial was conducted with 72 Bovans Brown hens from 24 to 53 weeks of age, allocated to 4 ...

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Modulation of energy and protein supplies in sequential feeding in laying hens

Sequential feeding (SF) consists of splitting energy (E) and protein/calcium (P) fractions temporally, improving the feed conversion ratio (FCR) of hens compared with a continuous distribution during the day. In a previous study, the E fraction (with a low level of protein) was provided in the morning, whereas the P fraction (with low level of energy) was given in the afternoon. However, there ...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 1965

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0440753