Proximate Composition of Thawed Chicken Meat and Drip After Storage

  • E.J.Wladyka
  • L.E.Dawson

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Proximate Composition, and l-Carnitine and Betaine Contents in Meat from Korean Indigenous Chicken

This study investigated the proximate composition and l-carnitine and betaine content of meats from 5 lines of Korean indigenous chicken (KIC) for developing highly nutritious meat breeds with health benefits from the bioactive compounds such as l-carnitine and betaine in meat. In addition, the relevance of gender (male and female) and meat type (breast and thigh meat) was examined. A total of ...

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Proximate Composition and Textural Properties of Cooked Sausages Formulated from Mechanically Deboned Chicken Meat with Addition of Chicken Offal

Proximate composition (moisture, protein, total fat, and total ash) and textural characteristics (hardness, adhesiveness, springiness, cohesiveness, chewiness and firmness and work of shear) of cooked sausages formulated from mechanically deboned chicken meat (MDCM) with addition of chicken offal (heart, gizzard or liver) were investigated. Chicken offal replaced equal weight (15 kg) of MDCM in...

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Differentiation of Deboned Fresh Chicken Thigh Meat from the Frozen-Thawed One Processed with Different Deboning Conditions

This study was performed to evaluate the quality characteristics of three deboned categories of chicken thigh meat: one which was slaughtered and deboned in the same plant (fresh); one which was slaughtered, deboned, frozen, and thawed in the same plant (frozen-thawed); and the last which was slaughtered in a plant, deboned in a different plant, but then transferred to the original plant (fresh...

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Effect of processed fish wastes supplementation on blood biochemical and meat composition of broiler chicken

The experiment was conducted on forty five broiler chickens at 4 weeks of age, for a period of threeweeks, to assess the effect of complete replacement of fish meal with processed fish wastes (fish waste acidsilage and surimi waste powder) on the blood protein, lipid and antioxidant status in broiler chicken, eventhough an earlier study indicated that this replacement induced normal growth rate...

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Effect of freezing on electrical properties and quality of thawed chicken breast meat

OBJECTIVE The objective of this research was to study the electrical properties and quality of frozen-thawed chicken breast meat and to investigate the relationship between these parameters at different times of frozen storage. METHODS Thawed samples of chicken breast muscles were evaluated after being kept in frozen storage at -18°C for different periods of time (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 m...

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

Article info

Journal name: Poultry Science

Year: 1968

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0471111