Regeneration and adult stem cells in the human female reproductive tract


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Regeneration and adult stem cells in the human female reproductive tract

The human uterus is unique in that it exhibits a tremendous regenerative capacity that enables cyclical regeneration and remodeling throughout a woman's reproductive life. This plasticity of the reproductive system has recently been highlighted. Regeneration and remodeling in the female reproductive tract alludes to the existence of endometrial and myometrial stem cell systems, which has been s...

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Isolation and Cultivation of Adult Human Keratinocyte Stem Cells for Regeneration of Epidermal Sheets

Background: Keratinocyte stem cell is one of the adult stem cells that inhabits the skin and contributes to skin function and renewal. Adult stem cells are best defined by their capacity to self-renew, and to maintain tissue function for a long period of time. These findings indicate the importance of these cells for clinical applications including regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and ...

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Immune Cells in the Female Reproductive Tract

The female reproductive tract has two main functions: protection against microbial challenge and maintenance of pregnancy to term. The upper reproductive tract comprises the fallopian tubes and the uterus, including the endocervix, and the lower tract consists of the ectocervix and the vagina. Immune cells residing in the reproductive tract play contradictory roles: they maintain immunity again...

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Generation of Human Female Reproductive Tract Epithelium from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

BACKGROUND Recent studies have identified stem/progenitor cells in human and mouse uterine epithelium, which are postulated to be responsible for tissue regeneration and proliferative disorders of human endometrium. These progenitor cells are thought to be derived from Müllerian duct (MD), the primordial female reproductive tract (FRT). METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We have developed a model...

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عنوان ژورنال: Stem Cells and Cloning: Advances and Applications

سال: 2008

ISSN: 1178-6957

DOI: 10.2147/sccaa.s4269