Social Tension Indexes and Egg Production Traits in Chickens ,


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Genetic effect of the prolactin receptor gene on egg production traits in chickens.

The identification and utilization of potential candidate genes with significant effects on economically important traits have become increasingly important in poultry breeding programs. The prolactin (PRLR) receptor is a specific receptor for prolactin, which is an anterior pituitary peptide hormone involved in various physiological activities and is essential for reproductive success. In chic...

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Changes in External Egg Traits of Chickens during Pre- and Post-Molting Periods

481 fresh fertilized eggs of three Kurdish local chickens (Black with brown neck, White with shank feathering, and White with non-feathering shank) were collected at pre-molting (355 eggs) and post-molting (126 eggs) stages to evaluate external egg traits. A venine caliper was used to determine the length and breadth of eggs to calculate Shape index. Results indicated that egg weight increased ...

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Variation in the ovocalyxin-32 gene in commercial egg-laying chickens and its relationship with egg production and egg quality traits.

Avian eggshell quality is an important trait for commercial egg production, as the eggshell is the primary packaging material and antimicrobial barrier for the internal food resource. Strong eggshells are essential to ensure that eggs can reach their final destination without damage. Ovocalyxin-32 (OCX32) is a matrix protein found within the outer layers of the eggshell and in the cuticle. Nume...

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Egg Production Traits and Egg Quality Characteristics in Black and Brown Plumage Color Lines of Japanese Quail

The present study was conducted to determine egg production traits and egg quality characteristics in black and brown lines of Japanese quail. A total of 500 quails comprising 400 females and 100 males obtained from two breeding centers were raised according to the standard procedure for Japanese quail. They were grouped in according to their plumage colours. Age at first egg-laying has been re...

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Assessment of Storage and Temperature on Egg Physical Qualities for Peak Production in Hyline Chickens

The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of storage and temperature on egg physical quality in Hyline chickens line. A total of 150 eggs from College of Natural Resources farm were sampled for the present experiment. About 70 eggs each were stored in home refrigerator (temperature, 7.46±0.23 ˚C; relative humidity, 24.80±0.05%) and room temperature (temperature, 22.98±1.12 ˚C; relative hu...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 1971

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0501063