The Factor-Spline-GARCH Model for High- and Low-Frequency Correlations


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Asymptotic theory for a factor GARCH model

This paper investigates the asymptotic theory for a factor GARCH model. Sufficient conditions for strict stationarity, existence of certain moments, geometric ergodicity and βmixing with exponential decay rates are established. These conditions allow for volatility spill-over and integrated GARCH. We then show the strong consistency and asymptotic normality of the quasi-maximum likelihood estim...

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A test for constant correlations in a multivariate GARCH model

We introduce a Lagrange Multiplier (LM) test for the constant-correlation hypothesis in a multivariate GARCH model. The test examines the restrictions imposed on a model which encompasses the constant-correlation multivariate GARCH model. It requires the estimates of the constant-correlation model only and is computationally convenient. We report some Monte Carlo results on the "nite-sample pro...

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Dynamic factor multivariate GARCH model

Factor models are well established as promising alternatives to obtain covariance matrices of portfolios containing a very large number of assets. In this paper, we consider a novel multivariate factor GARCH specification with a flexible modeling strategy for the common factors, for the individual assets, and for the factor loads. We apply the proposed model to obtain minimum variance portfolio...

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The Spline GARCH Model for Unconditional Volatility and its Global Macroeconomic Causes

25 years of volatility research has left the macroeconomic environment playing a minor role. This paper proposes modeling equity volatilities as a combination of macroeconomic effects and time series dynamics. High frequency return volatility is specified to be the product of a slow moving deterministic component, represented by an exponential spline, and a unit GARCH. This deterministic compon...

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the search for the self in becketts theatre: waiting for godot and endgame

this thesis is based upon the works of samuel beckett. one of the greatest writers of contemporary literature. here, i have tried to focus on one of the main themes in becketts works: the search for the real "me" or the real self, which is not only a problem to be solved for beckett man but also for each of us. i have tried to show becketts techniques in approaching this unattainable goal, base...

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عنوان ژورنال: SSRN Electronic Journal

سال: 2011

ISSN: 1556-5068

DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.1754785