The Heritabilities of Seasonally Determined Egg Quality Traits


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The aim of this study was to investigate the genetic and phenotypic correlations of egg quality traits in Khazak chicken. Albumen height (AH), albumen weight (AW), eggshell color (ESC), yolk color (YC), eggshell index, long length of egg (ELL), short length of egg (ESL), eggshell weight (ESW), egg weight (EW), Haugh units, and yolk weight (YW) were measured in 201 eggs collected 6 d sequentiall...

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Genetic correlation and heritabilities for purebred and crossbred performance in poultry egg production traits.

Genetic correlations between purebred and crossbred performance and purebred and crossbred heritabilities were estimated for egg production traits of laying chickens using a multivariate sire model accounting for additive relationships between sires. Two sire lines, denoted lines 1 and 2, were crossed to one dam line to produce crossbred progeny. Records for egg weight, egg specific gravity, an...

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Genetic correlation between egg quality traits

Genetic correlation coefficients between egg quality traits were studied using fiftysix harco pullets raised under standard management practices. The estimates were carried out at 22-week, 26-week, 30-week and 32-week of age. Egg quality traits studied include egg weight (EW), shell thickness (ST), haugh unit (HU), yolk index (YI) and shape index (SI). Zero to slight negative correlation coeffi...

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Heritabilities and Genetic Correlations for Egg Weight Traits in Iranian Fowl by Multi Trait and Random Regression Models

Objective: The main objective of this research was estimation of genetic parameters for five consecutive measurements of egg weights in Isfahan fowl using multi trait model and random regression models. Methods: The statistical models included generation-hatch as a fixed effect, weeks of age as a covariate and additive genetic and individual permanent environmental effects as random effects. Th...

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عنوان ژورنال: Poultry Science

سال: 1961

ISSN: 0032-5791

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0400821