The Threshold GARCH Model: Estimation and Density Forecasting for Financial Returns*

  • YuzhiCai
  • JulianStander

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Forecasting for Financial Stock Returns Using a Quantile Function Model

In this talk, we introduce a newly developed quantile function model that can be used for estimating conditional distributions of financial returns and for obtaining multi-step ahead out-of-sample predictive distributions of financial returns. Since we forecast the whole conditional distributions, any predictive quantity of interest about the future financial returns can be obtained simply as a...

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Stable-GARCH Models for Financial Returns: Fast Estimation and Tests for Stability

A fast method for estimating the parameters of a stable-APARCH not requiring likelihood or iteration is proposed. Several powerful tests for the (asymmetric) stable Paretian distribution with tail index 1 ă α ă 2 are used for assessing the appropriateness of the stable assumption as the innovations process in stable-GARCH-type models for daily stock returns. Overall, there is strong evidence ag...

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Wavelet Linear Density Estimation for a GARCH Model under Various Dependence Structures

We consider n observations from the GARCH-type model: S = σ2Z, where σ2 and Z are independent random variables. We develop a new wavelet linear estimator of the unknown density of σ2 under four different dependence structures: the strong mixing case, the β- mixing case, the pairwise positive quadrant case and the ρ-mixing case. Its asymptotic mean integrated squared error properties are ...

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Forecasting real estate returns using financial spreads

This paper examines the predictability of real estate asset returns using a number of time series techniques. A vector autoregressive model, which incorporates financial spreads, is able to improve upon the out of sample forecasting performance of univariate time series models at a short forecasting horizon. However, as the forecasting horizon increases, the explanatory power of such models is ...

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The Generalized AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Parkinson Range (GARCH-PARK-R) Model for Forecasting Financial Volatility

A new variant of the ARCH class of models for forecasting conditional variance, to be called the Generalized AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Parkinson Range (GARCH-PARK-R) Model, is proposed. The GARCH-PARK-R model, utilizing the extreme values, is a good alternative to the Realized Volatility that requires a large amount of intra-daily data, which remain relatively costly and are...

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Journal name: Journal of Financial Econometrics

Year: 2019

ISSN: 1479-8409,1479-8417

DOI: 10.1093/jjfinec/nbz014