The Time-Consistent Optimal Export Policy, Market Structure, and Time-Non-Separable Preferences

  • OrlandoBalboa
  • RobertDriskill
  • AndrewHorowitz

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Optimal time-consistent monetary and fiscal policy under sticky prices

This paper studies optimal monetary and fiscal policy in a stochastic economy with sticky prices and monopolistic competition on its product markets. Our main objective is to characterize optimal time-consistent (Markov) policies and to compare their characteristics to the ones implemented by a Ramsey policy maker. We perform this comparison within the framework of a stochastic production econo...

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Time-Consistent Policy

The goal of this paper is to study optimal government policy when there is no way of committing to future policy and this restriction is binding. The paper has a methodological part and an applied part. The applied part analyzes the optimal choice of government expenditures when the financing of these expenditures involves distortionary taxation and has dynamic consequences—we are studying a si...

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An optimal policy for deteriorating items with time-proportional deterioration rate and constant and time-dependent linear demand rate

In this paper, an economic order quantity (EOQ) inventory model for a deteriorating item is developed with the following characteristics: (i) The demand rate is deterministic and two-staged, i.e., it is constant in first part of the cycle and linear function of time in the second part. (ii) Deterioration rate is time-proportional. (iii) Shortages are not allowed to occur. The o...

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Time-Consistent Majority Rules with Interdependent Preferences

This paper studies a collective decision problem in which a group of individuals with interdependent preferences vote whether or not to implement a project of unknown value. A utilitarian social planner aggregates these votes according to a majority rule; but, unlike what is commonly assumed in the literature, the planner is unable to commit to the rule before votes are cast. Characterizing the...

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Time Series Analysis of Non-Oil Export Demand and Economic Performance in Nigeria

T his study examines the impact of non-oil export demand on economic performance in Nigeria using annual time series data between 1975 and 2013. The study tests for the unit root and co-integration to determine the time series properties of our variables before using Vector Error Correction (VEC) model for both short- and long- run estimates and possible policy inferences. The result...

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Journal name: Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics

Year: 2007

ISSN: 1608-1625,2164-2257

DOI: 10.1080/16081625.2007.9720802