Trend Prediction of FDI Based on the Intervention Model and ARIMA-GARCH-M Model

  • HongyanShi
  • XinZhang
  • XiaomingSu
  • ZhongjuChen

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mortality forecasting based on lee-carter model

over the past decades a number of approaches have been applied for forecasting mortality. in 1992, a new method for long-run forecast of the level and age pattern of mortality was published by lee and carter. this method was welcomed by many authors so it was extended through a wider class of generalized, parametric and nonlinear model. this model represents one of the most influential recent d...

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Traffic Modeling and Prediction using ARIMA/GARCH Model

The predictability of network traffic is a significant interest in many domains such as congestion control, admission control, and network management. An accurate traffic prediction model should have the ability to capture prominent traffic characteristics, such as long-range dependence (LRD) and self-similarity in the large time scale, multifractal in small time scale. In this paper we propose...

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Bridge Structure Deformation Prediction Based on GNSS Data Using Kalman-ARIMA-GARCH Model

Bridges are an essential part of the ground transportation system. Health monitoring is fundamentally important for the safety and service life of bridges. A large amount of structural information is obtained from various sensors using sensing technology, and the data processing has become a challenging issue. To improve the prediction accuracy of bridge structure deformation based on data mini...

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the effect of using model essays on the develpment of writing proficiency of iranina pre-intermediate efl learners

abstract the present study was conducted to investigate the effect of using model essays on the development of writing proficiency of iranian pre-intermediate efl learners. to fulfill the purpose of the study, 55 pre- intermediate learners of parsa language institute were chosen by means of administering proficiency test. based on the results of the pretest, two matched groups, one as the expe...

a study on insurer solvency by panel data model: the case of iranian insurance market

the aim of this thesis is an approach for assessing insurer’s solvency for iranian insurance companies. we use of economic data with both time series and cross-sectional variation, thus by using the panel data model will survey the insurer solvency.

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Journal name: AASRI Procedia

Year: 2012

ISSN: 2212-6716

DOI: 10.1016/j.aasri.2012.11.061