the effect of genre-based teaching on efl learners' speaking performance


محمدباقر خطیبی

mohammad bagher khatibi


abstract the present study examined the effect of genre-based tasks on efl learners' speaking performance and probed whether genre-based tasks may empower efl learners to perform better on speaking tests. a further concern of the study was to explore whether the effect of genre-based tasks on speaking ability of efl learners varied across different age groups, i.e. teenagers (13-16 years old) and young adults (24-27 years old). to this end, some generic based consciousness-raising tasks (crt) were adapted from the model proposed by benedict (2006) to develop control of a genre used as the treatment procedures. two different speaking tests of different genres (e.g. recount, report, review, etc.), used as pretest and posttest, were administered to 120 senior university students majoring in english language translation. the results indicated that consciousness-raising tasks significantly affected efl learners' speaking performance. however, the effect of generic-based crts did not vary across different age groups. overall, the findings provided empirical support for the facilitative effect of generic-based consciousness-raising tasks on speaking performance of efl learners. the findings may promise implications for efl speaking syllabuses and provide guidelines to designers to accommodate the insights derived from the genre-based instruction perspective.

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the effect of teaching reading as whole text task and paragraph task on efl learners speaking

abstract the present study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of a rather newly developed method in language teaching that is the use of paragraph reading task and whole reading task and their effects on improving efl learner’s speaking ability. to fulfill the purpose of the study, first 90 participants studying their course at sa eedi high school in tehran were chosen by means of ...

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the effect of genre-based teaching on reading comprehension of literary texts

تحقیق حاضر به بررسی کاربرد روش ژانر-محور را در محیط آموزش زبان عمومی می پردازد.روش ژانر-محور به زبان آموزان کمک میکند که در زمینه خوانش پیشرفت کنند. بعضی از محققین معتقد اند که روش تدریس ژانر-محور به تدریج به زبان آموزان کمک می کند تا در درک ژانر های مختلف مهارت یابند (هایلند 2004).همچنین امروزه توجه روز افزونی به اهمیت استفاده از ادبیات در برنامه آموزشی زبان انگلیسی (esl/efl ) شده است. زمانی ک...

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the effect of consciousness raising of sociolinguistic skills on speaking ability of iranian efl learners

abstract the main purpose of this study was to investigate whether there was any significant difference between the speaking achievement of learners who were trained by means of consciousness raising of sociolinguistic skills and that of learners who were trained without the above mentioned task. the participants of this study consist of 60 intermediate level students participating languag...

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هدف اصلی این تحقیق بررسی تاثیر افزایش میزان پیچیدگی تکالیف مکالمه محور بر دقت و صحت و پیچیدگی عملکرد نوشتاری زبان آموزان می باشد. بدین منظور، 50 نفر از دانش آموزان دختر در رده ی سنی 15 الی 18 سال درسطح pre-intermediate از طریق petو vhs تست به عنوان شرکت کنندگان در تحقیق انتخاب شدند و به دو گروه آزمایشی و کنترل بصورت اتفاقی تقسیم شدند. اعضای گروه آزمایشی دو تکلیف ساده و پیچیده را طی 2 جلسه انجام...

the effect of pushed output collaborative tasks on the writing skills of efl learners

there is less published research about how teachers in efl contexts respond to students who are relatively less mature and less competent l2 writers. while writing researchers have examined various issues concerning peer and teacher response in writing-oriented classes, little research has centered on the effect of collaborative tasks particularly dictogloss on writing skills. output collaborat...

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