surgical correction of upper lip deficit in patients with cleft lip using dermis fat graft


hossein abdali

ali akbar ataee kachuee

rastin mohammadi-mofrad

mohammad ali hoghoughi


background: this study aimed to assess dermis fat graft (dfg) as a choice to correct the tissue deficit in the free border of the upper lip in cleft lip repair surgery. materials and methods: thirty?five individuals who referred to alzahra hospital at 2013–2014,with lip deformity following the primary repair surgery of cleft lip underwent surgery by dfg technique. outcomes were assessed 4 months after the surgery based on comparison of preoperative and postoperative photographs. results: the results in 18 (51.42%) patients were excellent, 10 (28.57%) good, and 7 (20%) intermediate according to the satisfaction of patients and investigators in terms of filling of lip deficit and motion of the upper lip. moreover, complications and pain were minimal after 4?month follow?up. conclusion: this method introduces an admissible method with 80% good to excellent results based on satisfactory of patients and surgeon.

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