hearing loss resulting from noise exposure in textile workers


f. akbarkhanzadeh

a. rezaii

a. ghiami


measurement and analysis of noise level in various frequency bands was carried out in a textile factory. it was shown that the noise level in various working places, particularly in the weaving workshop, was quite excessive comparing to the standards and so, it may very likely result in producing hearing loss in the workers. to determine the hearing loss of the workers due to excessive noise, 136 weavers were randomly selected and examined. however, the number of samples was not large enough to give reliable results. it was concluded that the intensive noise level in the weaving workshops may have produced considerable hearing loss in the workers. large the expo­sure to noise, more the hearing loss was observed.

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Hearing loss after noise exposure.

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Occupational noise exposure and hearing loss of workers in two plants in eastern Saudi Arabia.

OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of hearing loss associated with occupational noise exposure and other risk factors. DESIGN A cross-sectional study involving 269 exposed and 99 non-exposed subjects (non-industrial noise exposed subjects) randomly selected. Current noise exposure was estimated using both sound level meter and noise-dosimeter. Past noise exposure was estimated by interview...

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Working in noise with a hearing loss: perceptions from workers, supervisors, and hearing conservation program managers.

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iranian journal of public health

جلد ۳، شماره ۲، صفحات ۳۵-۴۳

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