comparison of pregnancy outcome in half-dose triptorelin and short-acting decapeptyl in long protocol in art cycles: a randomized clinical trial


maryam eftekhar

elham rahmani

farnaz mohammadian


background: gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (gnrh) agonist is used for controlling ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive technology (art) cycles which has some benefits. objective: to compare the efficacy of two different formulations of gnrh agonist: short-acting and long-acting, for art protocols. materials and methods: in a prospective randomized study, one hundred women who underwent art cycles were randomly divided into two groups. in group i, the patients received one single injection of 1.87 mg triptorelin in previous mid-luteal phase. in group ii, decapeptyl 0.1 mg per day started from previous mid-luteal phase. pregnancy outcome in in vitro fertilization (ivf) cycle was compared between two groups. results: there were no statistically significant differences in the number of retrieved oocyte (p=0.545), fertilization (p=0.876), implantation (p=0.716) and pregnancy rate (p=0.727) between the two groups. conclusion: there were not any advantages in ivf outcome between half-dose long-acting and short-acting gnrh agonist groups in art cycle.

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Comparison of pregnancy outcome in half-dose Triptorelin and short-acting Decapeptyl in long protocol in ART cycles: A randomized clinical trial

BACKGROUND Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist is used for controlling ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles which has some benefits. OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of two different formulations of GnRH agonist: short-acting and long-acting, for ART protocols. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a prospective randomized study, one hundred women who underwen...

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P-154: Comparison of Pregnancy Outcome between Low Dose HCG in Late Follicular Phase in GnRH Long Protocol and Standard Long Protocol in ART Cycles

Background: A safe, simple and cost-effective protocol is important goal in ART cycles. The aim of this prospective study was whether administration of low dose HCG in late follicular phase can be used clinically to replace gonadotropins administration in GnRH long protocol. Materials and Methods: 69 patients who were candidate for assisted reproductive technology (ART) enrolled the study and r...

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half-dose depot triptorelin comparable to reduced daily buserelin: a randomized clinical trial

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efficacy of low dose, long-acting gonadotropin releasing hormone analogues (gnrh-a) compared with daily injections of short-acting gnrh-a in art cycles

background: the retrieval of good quality oocytes that is accomplished with selection of the best induction ovulation protocol on the basis of patients condition, age and cause of infertility, is one of the most important aspects of art cycles. the objective was to evaluate the efficacy of low dose, long acting gnrh-a (decapeptyle) for pituitary desensitization and outcome of art compared to lo...

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