A Comparative Study between the Effects of Feed Inclusion with Garlic (Allium sativum), Cloves and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Rhizome Powder on Laying Hens’ Performance and Egg Quality


  • A. Aïssa Departement of Animal Production, Higher Institute of Agricultural Science of Chott Mariem, IRESA and University of Sousse, Sousse, Tunisia
  • M. Hadj Ayed Departement of Animal Production, Higher Institute of Agricultural Science of Chott Mariem, IRESA and University of Sousse, Sousse, Tunisia
  • M. Noumi Departement of Animal Production, Higher Institute of Agricultural Science of Chott Mariem, IRESA and University of Sousse, Sousse, Tunisia
چکیده مقاله:

This experiment was conducted, during a seven-week period to investigate, the effects of using various levels of garlic cloves and turmeric rhizome powders, on laying hens’ performance, egg quality characteristics and cholesterol content in yolk. Two hundred and sixteen, 27-weeks old Novogen white laying hens were assigned randomly into nine treatments with eight replicates of three birds each. They were fed diets with 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2% of garlic cloves’ or turmeric rhizome powder. Data of layer performance, egg quality were collected, and total cholesterol content in egg yolk was measured in eggs. Final live body weight, daily feed intake and feed conversion ratio were not affected by the diets supplemented with garlic cloves’ and turmeric rhizome powder (P≥0.237). No significant differences were detected in egg production, shell-less eggs’ rate and egg weight (P≥0.375). However, addition of 2% garlic cloves’ powder reduced broken eggs’ rate (P=0.030). Supplementation of garlic cloves’ and turmeric rhizome powder had a significant effect (P<0.0001) on double yolk eggs rate. Albumen weight, diameter and height were also influenced by garlic cloves’ and turmeric rhizome powder addition (P≤0.007). Egg shell weight was heavier in turmeric 1% hens’ group (5.64 g) than control and garlic 0.5% groups. Feed inclusion of 1% garlic cloves’ and turmeric rhizome powder decreased egg yolk cholesterol concentration (P=0.024). In conclusion, feed addition of garlic cloves’ and turmeric rhizome powder can be used as alternatives to improve egg quality in laying hens.

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