Batch Scheduling in Flexible Flow Shop


  • and M. A. Beheshti Nia
  • I. Nakhaee
  • M.R. Amin Naseri

In this paper, the problem of batch scheduling in a flexible flow shop environment is studied. It is assumed that machines in some stages are able to process a number of jobs simultaneously. The applications of this problem can be found in various industries including spring and wire manufacturing and in auto industry. A mixed integer programming formulation of the problem is presented and it is shown that the problem is NP-Hard. Three heuristics will then be developed to solve the problem and a lower bound is also developed for evaluating the performance of the proposed heuristics. Results show that heuristic H3 gives better results compared to the others.

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Three Algorithms for Flexible Flow-shop Scheduling

Scheduling is an important process widely used in manufacturing, production, management, computer science, and so on. Appropriate scheduling can reduce material handling costs and time. Finding good schedules for given sets of jobs can thus help factory supervisors effectively control job flows and provide solutions for job sequencing. In simple flow shop problems, each machine operation center...

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Flexible job shop scheduling under availability constraints

In this paper, an exact geometric algorithm is presented for solving two-job sequencing and scheduling problems in flexible flow shop and job shop environments while the resources are (un)available in some time periods and processors (un)availability is the same in all work centers. This study seems utterly new and it is applicable to any performance measure based on the completion time. The in...

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Single Hoist Scheduling in No-Wait Flexible Flow Shop System

This paper studies the single hoist scheduling problem in no-wait flexible flow shop system with constant process times. The objective is to minimize the make span in the given job tasks. Different jobs have different process routes and process times. When a job starts, workstation must be free to process the job, and as soon as it is finished, the hoist must be free to move it to the next work...

متن کامل

Flexible flow shop scheduling with uniform parallel machines

We consider the multistage flexible flow shop scheduling problem with uniform parallel machines in each stage and the objective of minimizing makespan. We develop a general class of heuristics for this strongly NP-hard problem that extend several well-known heuristics for the corresponding embedded serial flow shop problem, and obtain absolute performance guarantees for heuristics in this class...

متن کامل

Greedy Algorithm Solution of Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling Problem

Flexible flow shop scheduling problem (also called blended flow shop scheduling problem) is a sort of complex Job Shop Scheduling problem. For the Flexible Flow Shop scheduling problem, only in very special cases, there are polynomial optimal algorithms. In most of the other cases, the problems are NP-Hard. It is a simplification of the original problem to solve Flexible flow shop scheduling wi...

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دانلود متن کامل

برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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