Clinical Supervision in Nursing Education: Definitions and Models


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Introduction: Clinical supervision, as a mechanism for promoting knowledge and professional skills of nurses, is a core activity in nursing practice. To use clinical supervision in nursing education, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of definitions and models. This paper explains the role and models of clinical supervision in nursing education. Methods: This study is a narrative review of the literature. It was conducted through Internet search in Pubmed and Science direct & Scopus. Using supervision nursing education, nursing administration, and supervisory as the key words, only English papers were searched for. Finally 47 articles, books and Persian article in the field of clinical supervision were reviewed. Results: Based on the literature review, clinical supervision is a continuous & systematic process through it nurses get advice from their supervisors. They practically review, maintain, and develop skills, knowledge, and standards of care. It helps to identify educational needs of nurses, which in turn, helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of teaching and learning in order to promote purposeful learning in nurses. Conclusion: Findings show clinical supervision is a formal process. it has supportive and educational potential for nursing education. This can help last year nursing students and especially during the start-up work.

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Clinical supervision models for nursing: structure, research and limitations.

This article highlights the diversity of supervision models currently described in the nursing literature, clarifies their structure, discusses research conducted on specific supervision models and outlines their limitations. It offers insight into some of the common models that have received coverage in the nursing literature.

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How Effective is Clinical Supervision in Nursing? A Systematic Review

Background: Clinical supervision is a process of learning and professional support for nurses in developing their practice through regular discussions with experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. However, it remains challenging to ensure the effectiveness of its implementation across healthcare organizations. This review is going to answer the question: What effect does clinical supervision h...

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The effect of Peer instructor teaching and clinical supervision on the status and stressors of clinical nursing education

Introduction: Peer instructor teaching is an educational model in which senior students teach to their classmates or junior students. Clinical supervision is a formal, systematic, and continuous that the inexperienced person reviews and improves their performance by receiving advice from a supervisor or expert. Clinical education is a vital component of the medical science curriculum and the qu...

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Creating innovative models of clinical nursing education.

Although nursing care has changed significantly over the past 30 years, methods to clinically train nursing students have not. The traditional model of clinical nursing education, where a faculty member oversees a group of six to eight students on an acute care unit for a 4- to 8-hour shift, provides a haphazard approach to learning. A need exists to find innovative ways to effectively train mo...

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The Effect of Clinical Education Workshop on Nursing and Midwifery Instructors’ Effective Behaviors in Clinical Education

Introduction: The instructors’ clinical teaching behaviors need to be monitored and improved during educational process. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a three day educational workshop about clinical teaching and evaluation on effective clinical teaching behaviors of clinical instruc-tors at faculty of Nursing and Midwifery in Shiraz. Methods: All clinical nursing ins...

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Clinical Nursing Education Based on Nursing Process and Group Discussion

Introduction: Considering the importance of promoting nursing education and benefits of new teaching methods, especially group discussion, this study aimed to compare the effects of group discussion combined with the nursing process and traditional method on learning and satisfaction of nursing students in clinical situations. Methods: A quasi-experimental study was conducted during 2009 on 28...

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