Comparative Advantages and Sustainable Development in Iranian Manufacturing Industries


  • Abolfazl Shahmohammadi Mehrjardi
  • Mohammad Ali Feizpour
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Learning Curve and Industry Structure: Evidences from Iranian Manufacturing Industries

he empirical studies have shown that cost advantages can occur due to economies of scale and economies of learning. However, a few studies have attempted to distinguish between these two effects on reducing costs. This paper is the first attempt on recognizing the impact of learning on reducing the cost with distinguishing the effect of economies of scale in Iran. Therefore, this study aims to ...

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A Review on Evaluating Green Manufacturing for Sustainable Development in Foundry Industries

Due to recycling of metals, most foundries have considered themselves as a part of the green technology before the term “green’’ was even coined. But, actually, the foundry industry handles large quantities of processed waste materials and has the potential to emit a large quantity of carbon dioxide and other pollution in atmosphere. This immense pressure not only forcing foundry industries to ...

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Ethnic Factors and Sustainable Development in Iranian Kurdistan

This paper aims to investigate interactions between the Kurds and development agents in the field of sustainable development. The theoretical approach of the research is based on modernization theories. Research methodology is qualitative, with an emphasis on grounded theory. Data was collected through depth interviews, participant observation, document and secondary analysis. In the field of p...

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Net Job Creation and Its Effective Factors in Iranian Manufacturing Industries

According to the Islamic Republic of Iranchr('39')s 20-years plan in the outlook 1404, achieving to the "full employment" has been considered as one of the most important economic features of Iran. However, the existing evidences suggest that the employment problem is still a critical topic in Iranchr('39')s economic issues. A part of it is because of Iranchr('39')s economy hasnchr('39')t creat...

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Impact of information technology on productivity and efficiency in Iranian manufacturing industries

The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of information technology (IT) on the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing industries in Iran. So, the data will be collected from 23 Iranian manufacturing industries during “2002–2006” and the methods such as DEA and panel data used to study the subject. Results obtained by the above two methods represent that IT has a positive and statisti...

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