Effect of Acesulfame k on Liver Enzymes and Liver Tissue in Immature Male Rats


  • Nazem, Habiballa Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Payam Noor University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
  • Noori, Ali Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Islamic Azad University, Falavarjan Branch, Isfahan, Iran
  • Parsapour, Niloufar MSc in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Payam Noor University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

  Background and purpose: Artificial sweeteners are increasingly used in food products, so, it is necessary to study the effects of these additives on liver. Materials and methods: In this experimental study, 30 immature male rats were divided into five groups (n=6 per group) and acesulfame k at 50, 100, 200, and 400 mg/kg were injected intraperitoneally to all groups for 30 days. One and 30 days after the last injection, blood samples were taken from the rats' eye, and the levels of FBS, HDL, LDL, AST, ALT, ALP, triglyceride, and cholesterol were measured. A number of rats were dissected in each group and their livers were removed to prepare tissue sections. The slides were examined by optical microscopy and data were analyzed applying ANOVA. Results: The study showed that acesulfame k for 30 days, at 200 and 400mg/kg caused a significant increase in glucose level (P<0.05) and at 100, 200, and 400mg/kg significantly decreased LDL levels (P<0.001). Also, tissue disorders such as congestion, sinusoid abnormalities, and hepatocytes lysis were observed in liver samples in a dose-dependent manner. However, no significant changes were seen in other factors. Conclusion: It seems that acesulfame k even at doses greater than 50 mg/kg for 30 days does not cause serious toxicity to immature male rats, due to the lack of changes in most liver factors, and liver tissue disorders may be restored over time.

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