Examining Family Stress: Theory and Research


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Family nursing research, theory and practice.

The absence of critical dialogue regarding what constitutes family nursing prevents the further development of the specialty area of family nursing. In this essay, the author issues nine challenges faced by those who would contribute to the development of family nursing.

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Examining International Students’ Challenges at Yazd University based on Grounded Theory Research

Abstract Introduction: Over the last two decades, the issue of international students has been an integral part of the internalization of universities. Therefore, recognizing and probing into the issues faced by such students and trying to attract them to the target university have been among the political and economic goals of the country’s higher education. To this end, the present study aime...

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Incarceration and Family Stress as Understood through the Family Process Theory: Evidence from Hong Kong

The myriad of negative effects brought about by the incarceration of a family member have consistently been demonstrated in research. However, previous works have tended to focus on the perspectives of family members separately, rather than exploring the dynamic relationships within the family as an entire unit. Moreover, such research is still limited in the Chinese cultural context. Thus, the...

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Terror management theory: Theoretical concepts, experimental research and Critics

Terror management theory (Greenberg, Pyszczynski & Solomon, 1986) considers the desire for survival as the underlying motivation for human behavior. Given his cognitive capacity and ability to think abstractly about the future, man realizes that his death is inevitable, which causes Paralysing terror. Man has developed certain psychological structures to protect himself from this terror. A cult...

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Examining the Influencing Factors on Deaf Children in Treatment Procedure and Family Environment

Objectives: This paper aims to determine the factors that affect the position of deaf children within the professional treatment procedure and family environment. Method: The sample consisted of 217 respondents, of which 94 were parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children and 123 respondents were professionals. Qualitative and quantitative analyses were applied for processing the results. Tes...

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Does neuroimaging research examining the pathophysiology of posttraumatic stress disorder require medication-free patients?

BACKGROUND In an attempt to avoid unknown influence, most neuroimaging studies examining the pathophysiology of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) exclude patients taking medications. Here we review the empirical evidence for relevant medications having a confounding effect on task performance or cerebral blood flow (CBF) in this population. The evidence for potentially confounding effects of...

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