In Pursuit of Intercultural Communicative Competence in EFL Context: Exploring Iranian English Teachers’ Perceptions


  • Mavadat Saidi
  • Mohadese Khosravi
  • Mosa Reza Banafsheh
چکیده مقاله:

The current study attempted to cast light on the status quo of Iranian EFL teachers' perceptions of ICC. It further attempted to see if their experience would influence their conceptualizations of ICC. To this end, a total of 100 EFL teachers were asked to complete a questionnaire survey adapted from Han & Song's (2011) study. The results of both quantitative and qualitative analysis revealed a number of commonalities and discrepancies among the participants' conceptualizations of International Communication Competence (ICC) and its relevance to ELT considering their teaching experience. The findings point to the prominence of intercultural teacher education in the Iranian context.

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Exploring Teachers’ Perception of Intercultural Communicative Competence and their Practices for Teaching Culture in EFL Classrooms

This study aimed to examine the effect of EFL teachers’ level of instruction, education, and experience on their perceptions of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) on the one hand and the effect of teachers’ ICC perceptions on their practices of teaching culture on the other. The participants of this study were 111 EFL teachers (59 males, 52 females), selected through purposive samplin...

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exploring interconnections between iranian efl teachers beleifs about the status of english as an international language (efl), use of mother tongue in efl classroom, and diffrences between native and non-native teachers of english

in one pole of the continuum of language learning, theoreticians and practitioners traditionally consider english as english as a second language or english as a foreign language. however, in the other pole of this continuum where english is thought of as the most effective tool for international communication, it is referred to as a lingua franca. those who favor an approach to english growing...

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exploring iranian efl teachers’ familiarity with foreign culture in terms of intercultural competence

in today’s multiculturally interconnected world, cultural understanding is the key to communication and a buffer to communication breakdown. that is, the objectives of language learning cannot be viewed as a mainly linguistic task anymore; they should be directed towards achievement of intercultural communicative competence. therefore, the foreign language teachers should utilize and promote th...

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Critical Pedagogy in the Context of Iran: Exploring English Teachers’ Perceptions

Abstract:  Three  decades  ago,  the  theory  of  education  took  a  critical  turn.  From  this perspective,  classroom  is  no  longer  a  public  sphere  of  cultural  assimilation  but  a  site  for identity struggle. The basic argument underlying such an approach is that education cannot be studied in isolation from an analysis of wider social and cultural influences. In such a context, t...

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Professionalism: The Perceptions of Iranian English Teachers of Competence and Performance in Language Teaching

Professionalism has been generally linked to nations’ economic, industrial, and technological developments. Therefore, having a professionally and ethically competent workforce is a necessity in today's changing world. More specifically, L2 teacher professionalism plays a crucial role in economic development too.  Given its utmost importance in language teaching, this study intended to investig...

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Perceptions of Iranian English Language Teachers towards the Use of Discourse Markers in the EFL Classroom

This study attempts to examine Iranian English language teachers’ perception towards the use of discourse markers (DMs) in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom. It is the contention of this study that past research studies have not paid sufficient attention to how teachers perceive the use of discourse markers in the English language classroom. This research extends on Fung’s (2011...

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