Iranian EFL Experienced vs. Novice Teachers’ Beliefs Regarding Learner Autonomy


  • Nasrin Hadidi Tamjid
  • Zohre seifoori
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Learner autonomy has been described as the ultimate objective in many language teaching programs since the third quarter of the twentieth century and educators have highlighted the significant role of promoting learner autonomy in the process of language learning and teaching. However, only limited number of studies has been awarded to what leaner autonomy mean to teachers. This study addressed the gap and investigated novice and experienced teachers’ beliefs regarding learner autonomy. Forty teachers participated in two groups who were grouped based on their teaching experiences as novice and experienced teachers. A questionnaire which was adapted from British Council was administered to elicit the teachers’ beliefs regarding learner autonomy. The independent samples t-test analysis of the data revealed a significant difference between novice and experienced teachers beliefs. The findings of the present study may have some implications for teachers in promoting learner autonomy in their classes, in general, and involving learners in the process of teaching and learning, in particular. 

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A comparison of Iranian EFL vs. non-EFL teachers’ “knowing” of learner autonomy

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Learner Autonomy in Language Learning: Teachers’ Beliefs

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