Molecular mechanisms involved in multidrug resistance in breast cancer therapy


  • Latifian, Mohammad Hassan Division of genetics, Department of cellular and molecular biology & microbiology, Faculty of science and technology, University of Isfahan
  • Valian Boroujeni, Sadegh Division of genetics, Department of cellular and molecular biology & microbiology, Faculty of science and technology, University of Isfahan
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Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women. Chemotherapy is the main strategy in the treatment of this disease especially in the advanced form of the disease. Despite the recent progress in the development of new chemotherapy, the effectiveness of these drugs has dramatically reduced due to multidrug resistance. The phenotype of multidrug resistance (MDR) can occur through different mechanisms as hereditary or acquired in response to chemotherapy, and could affect successful treatment of patients. In this study, we review the molecular mechanisms involved in multidrug resistance in breast cancer.

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O-8: Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Fusion Involved in Fertilization

Background: Assisted fertilization procedures are a currently widespread practice to regulate reproduction in humans and animals. The arising question is why the human being manipulating gametes to generate new individuals, if we do not understand yet the molecular mechanism of fertilization?. Successful completion of fertilization in mammals is dependent on three membrane fusion events: 1. the...

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Multidrug resistance protein in recurrent breast cancer.

1885 remained otherwise well until January, 1996, when he developed recurrent biliary stricturing with jaundice and worsening diarrhoea. Trough cyclosporin concentrations were considered sub-therapeutic at 60 ng/mL and so he was converted to Neoral therapy at the same dose. Several 12-h trough whole blood cyclosporin levels were taken over the following 2 months, and did not exceed 125 ng/mL. I...

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Molecular Mechanisms of Trastuzumab Resistance in HER2 Overexpressing Breast Cancer

The epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) is a tyrosine kinase overexpressed in nearly 20% to 25% of invasive breast cancers. Trastuzumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that targets HER2. The majority of patients with metastatic breast cancer initially respond to trastuzumab, however, within 1 year of treatment disease progresses. Several molecular mechanisms have been described as cont...

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Molecular mechanisms and mode of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women around the globe Tamoxifen is used for the last 40 years as an endocrine therapy for breast cancer. This resulted in the reduction of mortality rate by 30% and it still remains one of the most effective therapies against breast cancer. However, resistance against tamoxifen is still one of the major hurdles in the effective management of b...

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Sorcin, a calcium binding protein involved in the multidrug resistance mechanisms in cancer cells.

Sorcin is a penta-EF hand calcium binding protein, which participates in the regulation of calcium homeostasis in cells. Sorcin regulates calcium channels and exchangers located at the plasma membrane and at the endo/sarcoplasmic reticulum (ER/SR), and allows high levels of calcium in the ER to be maintained, preventing ER stress and possibly, the unfolded protein response. Sorcin is highly exp...

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Molecular Mechanisms of Antibacterial Multidrug Resistance

Treatment of infections is compromised worldwide by the emergence of bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. Although classically attributed to chromosomal mutations, resistance is most commonly associated with extrachromosomal elements acquired from other bacteria in the environment. These include different types of mobile DNA segments, such as plasmids, transposons, and integrons...

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