Today, Flapping Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV) are used in many different applications. Reynolds Number for this kind of aerial vehicle is about 104 ~ 105 which shows dominancy of inertial effects in comparison of viscous effects in flow field except adjacent of the solid boundaries. Due to periodic flapping stroke, fluid flow is unsteady. In addition, these creatures have some complexities in kinematic modeling. Although numerical methods are widely used for unsteady aerodynamic problems, it is highly difficult to solve the full 3D Navier–Stokes equations for complex flows like the ones of the flapping insect wings. Actually, the numerical simulation of flapping wings for different conditions of flapping frequencies and wing shapes has not been done yet. This is done in the present study. In present study, a computer code based on the unsteady Panel Method has been developed for flow analysis. The prepared algorithm and the computer code are capable of modeling MAVs flapping wings in different unsteady conditions. The results of aerodynamic design coefficients have been drew. At the end the optimum wing shape and flapping frequency are chosen as another result of this study.

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Artificial insect wings of diverse morphology for flapping-wing MAVs

The development of flapping-wing micro air vehicles (MAVs) demands a systematic exploration of the available design space to identify ways in which the unsteady mechanisms governing flapping-wing flight can best be utilized for producing optimal thrust or maneuverability. Mimicking the wing kinematics of biological flight requires examining the potential effects of wing morphology on flight per...

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Numerical analysis of the optimal catalyst distribution in created unsteady state conditions

The determination of the optimal distribution of the catalytic activity profile, whichmaximizes the catalytic effectiveness, in created unsteady state conditions, is analyzed andtreated numerically for the case of a simple reaction. It was proven that the modulation, of thetemperature and the reactant concentration of the external bulk fluid, leads to a considerableincrease of the catalytic eff...

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The advantages of an unsteady panel method in modelling the aerodynamic forces on rigid flapping wings

This paper responds to research into the aerodynamics of flapping wings and to the problem of the lack of an adequate method which accommodates large-scale trailing vortices. A comparative review is provided of prevailing aerodynamic methods, highlighting their respective limitations as well as strengths. The main advantages of an unsteady aerodynamic panel method are then introduced and illust...

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Aerodynamic Analysis and Wind Tunnel Test for Flapping-wing Mavs

A lightweight flapping-wing micro air vehicle (MAV) was designed and built and successfully filed in the sky. The unsteady aerodynamics associated with this MAV was detailedly studied by using the method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).The variations of different parameters of the flapping MAV, such as flapping amplitude, pitch amplitude and flapping frequency, were investigated with nume...

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Performance Analysis of Flapping Wings in Formation Flights

In this paper, we investigate the aerodynamic aspects of formation flights. We do so by simulating the flow over flapping wings flying in grouping arrangement and in proximity of each others using the unsteady vortex lattice method. The results show that flying in V-shaped line formation at optimal spacing enables significant increase in the lift and thrust and savings in the power consumption....

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Aerodynamic effects of flexibility in flapping wings.

Recent work on the aerodynamics of flapping flight reveals fundamental differences in the mechanisms of aerodynamic force generation between fixed and flapping wings. When fixed wings translate at high angles of attack, they periodically generate and shed leading and trailing edge vortices as reflected in their fluctuating aerodynamic force traces and associated flow visualization. In contrast,...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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