On Strongly $H_{v}$-groups


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‎The largest class of hyperstructures is the one which satisfies the weak properties; these are called $H_{v}$-structures‎. ‎In this paper we introduce a special product of elements in $H_{v}$-group $H$ and define a new class of $H_{v}$-groups called strongly $H_{v}$-groups‎. ‎Then we show that in strongly $H_{v}$-groups $beta=beta^{ast}$‎. ‎Also we express $theta$-hyperoperation and investigate some of its properties in connection with strongly $H_{v}$-groups‎.

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On strongly flat p-groups

In this paper, we provide a survey (both theoretical and computational) of the conditions for determining which finite p -groups are strongly flat. Let m(G) denote the maximum size of an irredundant generating set of a group G . Then, a group G is strongly flat if m(G) is strictly greater than m(H) for all proper subgroups H of G . For example, J. Whiston has shown in his dissertation that all ...

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Comments on Strongly Torsion-free Groups

In the present note, we discuss certain observations made by the author in February 2009 concerning strongly torsion-free profinite groups [cf. [Mzk2], Definition 1.1, (iii)]. These observations grew out of e-mail correspondences between the author, Akio Tamagawa, and Marco Boggi, as well as oral discussions between the author and Akio Tamagawa. Definition 1. Let G be a profinite group. (i) We ...

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More on Strongly Real Beauville Groups

Beauville surfaces are a class of complex surfaces defined by letting a finite group G act on a product of Riemann surfaces. These surfaces possess many attractive geometric properties several of which are dictated by properties of the group G. A particularly interesting subclass are the ‘strongly real’ Beauville surfaces that have an analogue of complex conjugation defined on them. In this sur...

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Strongly Indecomposable Finite Groups

Motivated by examples in infinite group theory, we classify the finite groups whose subgroups can never be decomposed as direct products.

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Strongly torsion generated groups

It has long been known that the integral homology of a non-trivial finite group must be non-zero in infinitely many dimensions [15]. Recent work on the Sullivan Conjecture in homotopy theory has made it possible to extend this result to non-acyclic locally finite groups. For more general groups with torsion it becomes more difficult to make such a strong statement. Nevertheless we show that whe...

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Finitely axiomatizable strongly minimal groups

We show that if G is a strongly minimal finitely axiomatizable group, the division ring of quasi-endomorphisms of G must be an infinite finitely presented ring. Questions about finite axiomatizability of first order theories are nearly as old as model theory itself and seem at first glance to have a fairly syntactical flavor. But it was in order to show that totally categorical theories cannot ...

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