Production of Sponge Cakes Incorporated with Black Cumin Seed Powder and Assessment of their Qualitative Properties During Storage


  • Gharekhani, M Food Science and Technology, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
  • Kouhi, M Islamic Azad Universit,Tabriz Branch
چکیده مقاله:

Background and Objectives: Cake is the most preferred option by consumers due to their good organoleptic characteristics. Improving quality of these products and using components with bioactive properties can be effective on public health. Black cumin seed, due to its health properties, can be a good option to use in formulations of food products.  Materials & Methods: Black cumin seed powder (BSP), as a rich source of bioactive compounds, was used at four levels of 0 (control sample), 1.5, 3 and 4.5% w/w flours) in cake formulations and cake quality properties were assessed during 21 days of storage. Results: The produced cakes included higher specific weight, consistency and stiffness of the texture with increased proportion of BSP. Cake volume and moisture content decreased with increases in proportion of BSP. Significant differences were reported in L*, a* and b* indices during storage as well as increased proportion of BSP, compared to control sample. During storage, acidity and peroxide values increased in cakes, with the highest content of cake containing 4.5% of BSP. In sensory evaluation, sample of 3% BSP included the highest score. Microbial results showed significant decreases in growth of molds and yeasts by increasing proportion of BSP. Sample containing 4.5% of BSP showed the least number of yeasts and molds during storage. Conclusion: Results revealed that use of BSP in production of cakes can improve organoleptic properties of the products, increasing durability of the products. Production of cakes by addition of BSP can be a new functional product in the market. However, assessment of the product functional and nutritive characteristics seems necessary.

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