Relationships between Randic index and other topological indices


  • A. Jahanbai Department of Mathematics, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University Tabriz, Iran
  • Z. Du School of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing 526061, China

Let $G$ be a graph with vertex set $V(G)$ and edge set $E(G)$, and let $d_u$ denote the degree of vertex $u$ in $G$. The Randi'c index of $G$ is defined as${R}(G) =sum_{uvin E(G)} 1/sqrt{d_ud_v}.$In this paper, we investigate the relationships between Randi'cindex and several topological indices.

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Bounds for Randic and GA Indices

The paper establishes some new bounds for Randic and GA indices.

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The Structural Relationship Between Topological Indices and Some Thermodynamic Properties

The fact that the properties of a molecule are tightly connected to its structural  characteristics  is one of the fundamental concepts in chemistry. In this connection,  graph theory has been successfully applied in developing some relationships between topological indices and some thermodynamic properties. So ,  a novel method for computing the new descriptors to construct a quantitative rela...

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Some Bounds on the Modified Randic Index

In this paper, we present some new lower and upper bounds for the modified Randic index in terms of maximum, minimum degree, girth, algebraic connectivity, diameter and average distance. Also we obtained relations between this index with Harmonic and Atom-bond connectivity indices. Finally, as an application we computed this index for some classes of nano-structures and linear chains.

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The generalized Randic index of trees

The Generalised Randić index R−α(T ) of a tree T is the sum over the edges uv of T of (d(u)d(v))−α where d(x) is the degree of the vertex x in T . For all α > 0, we find the minimal constant βc = βc(α) such that for all trees on at least 3 vertices R−α(T ) ≤ βc(n + 1) where n = |V (T )| is the number of vertices of T . For example, when α = 1, βc = 15 56 . This bound is sharp up to the additive...

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Conjugated trees with minimum general Randic index

The general Randić index Rα(G) is the sum of the weights (dG(u)dG(v)) over all edges uv of a (molecular) graph G, where α is a real number and dG(u) is the degree of the vertex u of G. In this paper, for any real number α ≤ −1, the minimum general Randić index Rα(T ) among all the conjugated trees (trees with a Kekulé structure) is determined and the corresponding extremal conjugated trees are ...

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Topological Relationships between Map Geometries

The importance of topological relationships between spatial objects is recognized in many disciplines. In the field of spatial databases, topological relationships have played an important role, providing mechanisms for spatial constraint specification and spatial indexing techniques. The use of spatial data in a map form has become popular, resulting in spatial data models such as topologies o...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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