Reversed-phase Liquid Chromatographic Quantification of Pyrethrins in the Extract of Wild Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew) from Northern Khorasan Province (Iran)

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Chemical insecticides application for pest control pose serious impacts on human health and environment. Nowadays, intensified efforts to find safer and environmentally friendly alternatives have resulted in identification and production of some plant-derived natural ingredients that can use against insect pests. Amongst these plants, feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Sch.Bip., from Asteraceae family is reputed to have insecticidal properties in addition to its excellent medicinal values. In this study, we quantitatively evaluated the extract of T. parthenium collected from Northern Khorasan province (Northeast of Iran) for its pyrethrin content using RP-HPLC chromatography. Flowers and leaves of T. parthenium harvested at flowering stage were dried at cool and dark place and subjected to 3 steps maceration with (30ml) chloroform and shaking for 1 hr. followed by filtration. Pyrethrin contents were then read by chromatographic method at 230 nm wavelength against the background of calibration regression equations. Our results indicated that dry flowers contain 0.46% total pyrethrin (I+ II), whereas leaves and stems include 0.06% pyrethrum. Pyrethrin was more concentrated in flower than stem. The wild population of T. parthenium of Northern Khorasan province demonstrates high potentiality to be commercially cultivated if it undergoes a plant-breeding program to manipulate phenotypic variation in the concentration of bioactive compounds present at harvest.

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In this study, we present a proposal for the physical and chemical quality control of the powder of the species T. parthenium (feverfew) and its hydroalcoholic extract obtained by percolation. The sesquiterpene lactone parthenolide, the main active compound of this plant, was quantifi ed by HPLC and its content was found to be 0.49% in the powder and 1.06% in the extract. The total content of f...

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The efficacy and safety of feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium L.): an update of a systematic review.

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