Terpenoid Compounds and Anti- Hemozoin and Anti- Ciliates Protozians Effects of Artemisia annua L. and Chenopodium botrys L.


  • A Ataei Azimi Associate professor in Plant Biology, Department of Biology, Saveh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran
  • B Delnavaz Hashemloian Associate professor in Plant Biology, Department of Biology, Saveh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran
چکیده مقاله:

Background: β-Hematin (Hemozoin) was synthised inside human erythrocyte by malaria parasite. The parasite avoids the toxic effects by polymerizing heme molecules into insoluble crystalline β-Hematin. C. botrys and A. annua used for the treatment of diseases like malaria, hepatitis, cancers, and inflammations. Objective: Determine of antimalarial and anti-protozoa effects of A. anuuae and C. botrys. Method: C. botrys and A. annua terpenoids were extracted by acetonitrile. The antimalarial activity of plant extracts was evaluated by in vitro β-Hematin formation. Some ciliates were tested by 0.01, 0.1 and 1 mgml-1 of C. botrys and A. annua extracts. Total terpenoid were measured by spectrophotometry method. The terpenoid extracts were determined by TLC and GC-MS. Results: Terpenoids effects on Paramecium and other ciliates was movement inhibition and cell targeting and cilia isolating induction and cell disjointing. Anti-malarial study on β-Hematin formation showed that acetonirile and aquatic extracts of shoots and roots of two species are antimalaria. Inhibiting effects of acetonirile and aquatic extracts of A. annua shoots were much of double effects of shoots of acetonirile extracts of C. botrys and aquatic extracts of A. annua root. Total terpenoids of two plants were 0.317- 4.46 mgg-1dw. TLC and GC/MS analysis showed that the acetonirile extract of A. annua contains artemisinin and several kinds of terpenoids, but in extracts of C. botrys with highe terpenoids content didn’t find artemisinin. Conclusion: The inhibiting effects of C. botrys on some ciliates and in vitro β-Hematin formation is from other terpenes in the extracts probably.

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