Time Preference and its Effects on Intertemporal


  • Jafar Joseini Isfahan
  • Rasoul Bakhshi Dastjerdi Yazd

Time preference has a peculiar role in determining the level of economic activities. Time preferenceis the most important origin of interest rate. In this paper we study the founders and defenders'viewpoints about time preference and then we try to criticize them. It seems that discounting futureutilities is resulting from irrationality and it is ethically indefensible too. From mathematical aspect,discounting is necessary because it convergences sum of social welfare function to some finitenumber and so the optimal time path for consumption is attained. But this isn't true for a growingpopulation. It seems that there aren't any rational reasons for preferring current generation's welfareto future generations'.If we have time preference, in intertemporal allocation, it reduces available resources forfuture consumption and so the level of saving will be decreased. We study a numerical example foraffecting time path of an ore extraction of a nonrenewable resource. Results show that the higher thetime preference, the higher the rate of extraction will be occurred. Because with a high rate for timepreference, present value of cash flows will be discounted more strongly and it increases theincentive to mine the more quicklyJEL Classification: C61, D91, Q32, E43

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the effects of time planning and task complexity on accuracy of narrative task performance

هدف اصلی این تحقیق بررسی تاثیر برنامه ریزی زمانی، هم چنین افزایش میزان پیچیدگی تکالیف در نظر گرفته شده بصورت همزمان، بر دقت و صحت و پیچیدگی عملکرد نوشتاری زبان آموزان می باشد. بدین منظور، 50 نفر از دانش آموزان دختر در رده ی سنی 16 الی 18 سال به عنوان شرکت کنندگان در این زمینه ی تحقیق در نظر گرفته شدند و به دو گروه آزمایشی و کنترل بصورت اتفاقی تقسیم شدند. اعضای گروه آزمایشی هر دو تکلیف ساده و پی...

Intertemporal Preference for Flexibility

Following Kreps (1979), we consider a decision maker who is uncertain about her future taste for immediate consumption. This uncertainty leaves the decision maker with a preference for flexibility: When choosing among menus containing alternatives for future choice, she weakly prefers menus with additional alternatives. Existing representations accommodating this choice pattern cannot address d...

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On Intertemporal Choice, Rationality, and Time Consistency∗

This paper is inspired by the literature on procrastination in behavioral economics. I develop a general framework in order to define time consistent choice formally. The distinction between static and dynamic rationality is made and conditions are derived under which choice is time consistent. Journal of Economic Literature Classification Number: D90.

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Time, Self, and Intertemporal Choice

Neuroscientific studies of intertemporal choice (IC) have focused mainly on the neural representation of self-control mechanisms and valuation. This reflects what has been considered as the core of the IC phenomenon. The claim of this paper is that deviations from exponential reward discounting as a function of time might be fully accounted for by the deviation of subjective time from calendar ...

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Space, Time, and Intertemporal Preferences

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the effects of multiple intelligences (focus on musical, visual, and linguistic) and direct instruction on learning grammar: a case on iranian efl students at elementary level

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 23 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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