• A. Csébfalvi

In this paper, a displacement-constrained volume-minimizing topology optimization model is present for two-dimensional continuum problems. The new model is a generalization of the displacement-constrained volume-minimizing model developed by Yi and Sui [1] in which the displacement is constrained in the loading point. In the original model the displacement constraint was formulated as an equality relation, which practically means that the number of “interesting points” may be exactly one. The recent model resolves this weakness replacing the equality constraint with an inequality constraint. From engineering point of view it is a very important result because we can replace the inequality constraint with a set of inequality constraints without any difficulty. The other very important fact, that the modified displacement-oriented model can be extended very easily to handle stress-oriented relations, which will be demonstrated in the forthcoming paper. Naturally, the more general theoretical model needs more sophisticated numerical problem handling method. Therefore, we replaced the original “optimality-criteria-like” solution searching process with a standard nonlinear programming approach which is able to handle linear (nonlinear) objectives with linear (nonlinear) equality (inequality) constrains. The efficiency of the new approach is demonstrated by an example investigated by several authors. The presented example with reproducible numerical results as a benchmark problem may be used for testing the quality of exact and heuristic solution procedures to be developed in the future for displacement-constrained volume-minimization problems.

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The Isogeometric Analysis (IA) is utilized for structural topology optimization  considering minimization of weight and local stress constraints. For this purpose, material density of the structure  is  assumed  as  a  continuous  function  throughout  the  design  domain  and approximated using the Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) basis functions. Control points of the density surface are...

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Isogeometric Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures using an Evolutionary Algorithm

Topology optimization has been an interesting area of research in recent years.  The main focus of this paper is to use an evolutionary swarm intelligence algorithm to perform Isogeometric Topology optimization of continuum structures.  A two-dimensional plate is analyzed statically and the nodal displacements are calculated.  The nodal displacements using Isogeometric analysis are found to be ...

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Optimal Topology Selection of Continuum Structures with Stress and Displacement Constraints

This paper presents three performance indices developed by using the scaling design approach for assisting the selection of optimal topologies for the minimum-weight design of continuum structures subject to stress and displacement constraints. These performance indices are incorporated in the Evolutionary Structural Optimization (ESO) method to monitor the optimization process from which optim...

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Evolutionary topology optimization of continuum structures with a global displacement control

The conventional compliance minimization of load-carrying structures does not directly deal with displacements that are of practical importance. In this paper, a global displacement control is realized through topology optimization with a global constraint that sets a displacement limit on the whole structure or certain sub-domains. A volumeminimization problem is solved by an extended evolutio...

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Continuum Topology Optimization of Buckling-Sensitive Structures

Two formulations for continuum topology optimization of structures taking buckling considerations into account are developed, implemented, and compared. In the first, the structure undergoing a specified loading is modeled as a hyperelastic continuum at finite deformations, and is optimized to maximize the minimum critical buckling load. In the second, the structure under a similar loading is m...

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Form Finding of Sparse Structures with Continuum Topology Optimization

A continuum topology optimization methodology suitable for finding optimal forms of large-scale sparse structures is presented. Since the need to avoid long compressive spans can be critical in determining the optimal form of such structures, a formulation is used wherein the structure is modeled as a linear elastic continuum subjected to design loads, and optimized in form to maximize the mini...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 23 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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