Maryam Atari

Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

[ 1 ] - Developing a Psychometric Scale for Brief Evaluation of Outpatient Satisfaction

Background and Objectives: Patient satisfaction is a key feature of quality improvement in modern health care systems. The focus of patient satisfaction studies has been on inpatient satisfaction measurement. As such, valid and reliable instruments for assessment of outpatient satisfaction are lacking in the field. This study aimed to develop and validate a brief scale to facilitate assessing o...

[ 2 ] - Development and Validation of the Preliminary Version of Brief Inpatient Satisfaction Scale (BISS)

Background and Objectives: Questionnaire-based survey is the most common way of assessing patient satisfaction. However, most relevant survey instruments have been developed in western countries, and valid and reliable context-specific survey tools in this area are lacking. To help filling this gap, in this study we have developed and validated the preliminary version of the novel Brief Inpatie...

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