Sedigheh Karimpour

M.A iin TEFL, university of Mazandaran

[ 1 ] - A Conversation Analytic Study on the Teachers’ Management of Understanding-Check Question Sequences in EFL Classrooms

Teacher questions are claimed to be constitutive of classroom interaction because of their crucial role both in the construction of knowledge and the organization of classroom proceedings (Dalton Puffer, 2007). Most of previous research on teachers’ questions mainly focused on identifying and discovering different question types believed to be helpful in creating the opportunities for learners’...

[ 2 ] - Built-In Learner Participation Potential of Locally- and Globally-Designed ELT Materials

This study aims at empirically measuring a universal criterion for materials evaluation, i.e., learning opportunities, in a locally- and a globally-designed materials. Adopting the conceptual framework of sociocultural theory and its conceptualization of learning as participation (Donato, 2000), the researchers utilized the methodological power of conversation analysis to examine how opportunit...

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